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  1. O Ironman

    Vendor  Wilsonville, OR: Lexus GX460 and GX470 2" Nitro Gas Kits - SALE ENDS SUNDAY

    2" Nitro Gas suspension lift kits are on sale until this Sunday, Sept. 15! $699 - GX460 2" Kit $699 - GX470 2" Kit
  2. Mattdamnit

    05 GX 470 issues

    I have a 05 GX470, I’ve had nothing but issues out of this damn thing. My most recent issue has been with the SAIS and the cats. The codes I had were P0418 and p2445 and the 430/420 cat codes. This was putting me into limp mode with the 4 CEL lights on. I did the rutech/Hewitt bypass with the...
  3. Jellwood

    For Sale  2005 Lexus GX470 - Oklahoma City

    FOR SALE: Modified 2005 Lexus GX470 Asking $22,000 150,000 Miles (daily driver so miles will go up) Located in Midtown, Oklahoma City This vehicle has been very well taken care of. I am the second owner, it was originally owned by a suburban soccer mom and serviced at the Lexus dealership...
  4. J

    Wanted  17" FJ Cruiser steel wheels-No longer looking

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a set of 17" FJ Cruiser steel wheels. Takeoffs with tires are ok as well. I'm located in DFW area.
  5. A

    Wanted  WTB: Lexus GX470 (TX)

    Since some stupid lady totaled my baby (a mint 2004 T4R Limited 4WD V8), I'm now looking to buy a Lexus GX470. No year or mileage preference, per se. Biggest thing is a good maintenance history. Don't want to and can't overpay as the lady lied about having insurance and I had to file with my...
  6. Stock Lexus GX470

    Stock Lexus GX470

    I want to remember how it looked at the start. Bone stock 2008 Cyprus Perl Lexus GX470.
  7. lgrt

    Resetting Driver's Window Control Console - GX470

    I changed out the battery on my Lexus GX470 and discovered you have to reset the remote window controls. I'm sure most folks know how this is done but thought I would post up a video so folks down the road looking for this easy fix can find it on Mud. Funny don't have to do that on the FJ...
  8. oemoilleaks

    Builds  Hello - KlausVanWinkle made me do it.

    Hello all. I've just recently (6mo ago) picked up an '07 GX470, after the consul and convincing of long-time friend KlausVanWinkle. We've had different automotive pursuits in the past, and honestly I bought this to be a tow vehicle to pull my other broken bad choices to the track or home from...
  9. O

    2005 GX 470 OBD II Pinout

    I recently got Air bags removed and OME suspension fitted. VSC TRAC lights are not going off. I removed Both fuses in Engine Bay and also the Air suspension relay. First the lights were off, just air susp light was on. On driving in (D) the lights came on. Then I took out TEMS fuse too, and...
  10. james21

    SOLD  TN 2011 lexus gx460 Premium 107k clean car fax

    2011 LEXUS GX460 Premium Very Clean No Accidents, Clean Car Fax. This Lexus has been in Tn and Ga since New there is absolutely no rust and its one of the cleanest I have found inside and out. New- battery 2017 New - Michelin Tire's 7/28/2017 ( $1,335 ) Color - Starfire Pearl. All owners...
  11. stoshzack

    Wanted  Lexus GX470 FSMs

    Hi - Taking a chance that someone might have the factory service manuals (FSM) for a Lexus GX470. I have a 2003, but I think other years would work fine. Thanks
  12. Riflman

    Lexus GX470 Lift & Fender Liner Mod How To Video

    If anyone is interested. Here is a quick video on how to do the fender mod (at least my version) and what the vehicle looks like when ramped slightly with a mild lift and 285/70R17 Cooper STT Pro's and stock wheels.
  13. revkev

    craigslist  Low Mile 2004. San Francisco

    New thread created. Back on market! : )
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