1. B

    PFran Interior LED's

    I just received and installed the PFran interior LED's and they are awesome. I don't know what else to say. My old lights were like having a glow-in-the-dark sticker on the ceiling.
  2. 60seriesfan

    New set of tires

    Just sharing pic of recently installed Goodyear Wrangler AT/S tires and a set of LEDs.
  3. dffj6288

    Interior led swap question

    I have an 88 fj62, I’ve been trying to upgrade to led through out the interior. I’m having trouble either finding the right led that works or I’m having a connection issue. The specific lights I’m having trouble with are the shifter lights, meaning the red atp and at temp light and the green...
  4. RFB

    For Sale  halo/projector headlights 97 fzj80

    I didnt want the LEDs and Halos. my loss your gain 200 u pay shipping 508-718-8253
  5. RFB

    Im losing my mind with these Lights.

    Ok so I bought DEPOs I asked what to replace my existing headlights that was the answer And now I cannot install OE lights or LEDs, I made a video to show the issue, what am I missing here???
  6. RFB


    Heres my best shot at showing the probs Im having with these lights.
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