1. FloTheFJ60

    Help a noob? :) Hood won't latch - missing hood support bracket?

    Hi, slightly nervous to post but thrilled to finally have an FJ60 after wanting one for 25 years... :) We bought the wagon last weekend and although she runs, I have a few things stopping me from getting it inspected so I can get it on the road. Doubtful I should barrage you with them all now...
  2. offroadvegan

    Small issue but HUGE favor

    After my rebuild, the only problem I have is the return spring for the hood latch somehow got lost. Now I need to depress the cable with a flat head screwdriver or else the hood will not latch. The handle in the cabin does not return. I am afraid over time that cable will break. Does...
  3. Armordave

    Wanted FJ-40 Ambulance door hinge and latch

    I need a upper right hand ambulance door hinge for a FJ-40 and a left hand latch for the spare tire carrier. Please PM me or call/text me 813-716-4570.
  4. Darb

    For Sale 71 fj40 latch

    71 latch
  5. 4

    Wanted Late model hood latch

    ISO a late model FJ40 hood latch
  6. gahi

    Lift gate latch parts?

    Has anyone been able to source parts, or just complete lock assemblies? My latch stopped working, and it looks like a small plastic piece is the culprit.
  7. wngrog

    Hood Latch Tuning Help

    I'm having a hard time getting the hood correct on my Parts O Pig project. Early 77 body and latch mechanism. 73 hinges (still have 77's if different) 70 hood I got it so jammed up yesterday I had to pull the grill off and pry the latch open. Any tips are appreciated to tune this in...
  8. Michael B

    Wanted 79' or newer FJ40 hood latch

    I have recently had to upgrade my 78' 45 with a 79' + bib. So I need all of the components for the safety latch mechanism.
  9. Bryanseye

    Sequoia rear latch replacement

    My rear latch broke sooner than expected after picking up the sequoia. It was one of the problems I read about in researching the vehicle so I didnt get too pissed. A few notes from the replacement. I used a metal replacement. The factory design has a seemingly needless complication of a...
  10. Trailortrash

    Wanted 1973 FJ40 spare tire latch

    Hello folks, I am in search of the hook mechanism attached to the rear sill of my 40 as the PO replaced the sill but did not put that part back on. I have the complete spare tire carrier. Oh, I'm also looking for the interior T handle for the back hatch and a gas tank door with hardware. See pics.
  11. T4RBoarder

    Drivers rear door latch jammed

    Hey guys, Yesterday while fiddling around trying to get my all my speakers to work (whole different story :rage:) I noticed that I could no longer open my rear door. When pulling the outside handle it seems as if I could not pull it as far as usual and any combo of pulling the outer or inner...
  12. hobbes

    Hood and windshield latch color

    On a 1974 FJ40, what factory color are the latches holding down the hood and for the windshield? Pictures seem all over the place. I'm guessing they are both same pewter as the interior color, but not positive. I just got new windshield hold downs and I am certain I don't leave them bare. My...
  13. JackA

    Wanted Early windshield latch

    I am in need of 1 early windshield latch and hook (2 hole). This is the latch that holds the windshield in the upright position. Thanks for looking I would also be game for the more rare 3 hole hook, but then I would need 2 of those.
  14. cruisertom

    For Sale FJ60 hood latch and cable

    Complete hood latch and cable with bolts that bolt to underside of dash, good condition, remains from project that got parted out. $30 shipped
  15. montanacruiser

    Door wont latch

    Hi all went to take the kids to school this morning and my drivers side back door wouldn't open. The lock in cold weather some times needs to be worked back and forth before it will unlock. Today the lock would not unlock. I reached in and unlocked it manually. It took some force to get it...
  16. rrv333

    Wanted Tire Carrier Latch

    I have a 1976 FJ40. It has the ambulance doors. It has the tire carrier on the driver's side (Left Side) I need the latch that secures the tire carrier to the ambulance door. If you're looking at the latch the handle to open the latch is on the right side of the mechanism. If you have one...
  17. Jayhawk1980

    Car seat tethers/Latch in FZJ80

    Hey all I'm looking to upgrade my FJ62 to an FZJ80 as I need more space and (hopefully) an easier solution to securing my kids carseats. Since my oldest is going to have his seat switched to forward facing, I need to know if there is any way I can secure the top tether - basically it prevents...
  18. crude hauler

    Wanted PTO latch

    Is anyone willing to sell a pto lever latch,going in 1970 fj40
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