1. RFB

    For Sale  Landtank LCAs

    SOLD I have a set of used LANDTANK lower control arms for 4in and above lifted 80 series, I bent one slightly on metal masher in Moab, once the new ones came I realized after they were out that the bend didnt disrupt the spacing or alignment of mounting holes, these have OEM bushings in them...
  2. F


    Hello, Selling my extra LANDTANK 80 SERIES SEAT EXTENSION I bought 2 of them but only installed the driver one. Still wrapped as I got them from Wits' End. Paid $142.00, would like to get $100 plus shipping for them.
  3. 70Cruza

    For Sale  LandTank MAF and sensor

    Scored this with an engine/supercharger combo that I recently purchased. Wont work with my 94 OBD1 from what Ive read. Not sure if it has ever been used as it looks very clean. 325$ Shipped in the US
  4. OhmStyles

    For Sale  Performance MAF Housing Landtank - colorado

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S O L D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a brand new, never used Performance MAF Housing by Landtank from AJIK Overland Exchange. This unit is brand new. Write up from webpage Performance MAF Housing | Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser and Overland Gear. Short Description Gen IIl...
  5. cruiserdan

    LANDTANK fan clutch for S/C 1FZ

    Rick and I go back a long way and I have always admired his "gadgets". He has come up with a way to run a stock fan on a supercharged 1FZ without using spacers or creating other clearance issues. He takes a diesel clutch that has a "stem" that is ~8mm taller than stock and machines out the...
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