1. RFB

    Heres a little story About a Fella Named LANDTANK and his magic orange fan clutch.

    Once upon a time I was in Arizona round about December in the year of a 2020 There was a terrible "pandemic" sweeping the land, So in order to deal with this "event" I found a small shop In Az that made the claim "I can get a short block OEM4.5 Engine by tomorrow" The hell you can I scoffed...
  2. RFB

    Orange Fan Clutch install.

    So in december 2020 found myself in Arizona Talking to a locla shop owner about the availability of an OEM 4.5 long block he said Dude I can get that here by tomorrow and he did in it went rebuilt the supercharger and changed everything that moved, AC new, water pump new motor mounts tranny...
  3. RFB

    For Sale  Landtank LCAs

    SOLD I have a set of used LANDTANK lower control arms for 4in and above lifted 80 series, I bent one slightly on metal masher in Moab, once the new ones came I realized after they were out that the bend didnt disrupt the spacing or alignment of mounting holes, these have OEM bushings in them...
  4. F


    Hello, Selling my extra LANDTANK 80 SERIES SEAT EXTENSION I bought 2 of them but only installed the driver one. Still wrapped as I got them from Wits' End. Paid $142.00, would like to get $100 plus shipping for them.
  5. 70Cruza

    For Sale  LandTank MAF and sensor

    Scored this with an engine/supercharger combo that I recently purchased. Wont work with my 94 OBD1 from what Ive read. Not sure if it has ever been used as it looks very clean. 325$ Shipped in the US
  6. OhmStyles

    For Sale  Performance MAF Housing Landtank - colorado

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S O L D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a brand new, never used Performance MAF Housing by Landtank from AJIK Overland Exchange. This unit is brand new. Write up from webpage Performance MAF Housing | Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser and Overland Gear. Short Description Gen IIl...
  7. cruiserdan

    LANDTANK fan clutch for S/C 1FZ

    Rick and I go back a long way and I have always admired his "gadgets". He has come up with a way to run a stock fan on a supercharged 1FZ without using spacers or creating other clearance issues. He takes a diesel clutch that has a "stem" that is ~8mm taller than stock and machines out the...
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