1. Haigami

    Builds  Mudhorn’s build thread - ‘16 GX460 premium

    Hello there. Wanted to start a build thread for my 2016 GX460 to document my progress with the rig as well as share ideas. This is my first venture into off-roading and overlanding. Building this so I can take the family on some adventures. By all means I’m no pro when it comes to fab or...
  2. dermolotov

    VX Ladder Maximum Weight

    Just bought a rear tailgate ladder off someone selling his Japanese VX '92. I wanted his roof rack but it came with one of those standard roof ladders apparently from the factory option. It hooks to the top of the flip-up tailgate with this chrome plated steel hook that wraps around it nicely...
  3. GXLee

    For Sale  GOBI ladder GX470 Bay Area

    I just installed a new Metal tech rear bumper and unfortunately the ladder had to go to make room for the swing arm. Had it for about 5 months, includes all the mounting hardware except 3M adhesives which can be found at most hardware stores and Amazon. Still looks almost new. Prefer local...
  4. Gun Runner 5

    Rear Ladder

    Are these ladders still available from either Toyota or a vendor who made their own version? Thanks
  5. thewall151

    Wanted  FJ60 Eneki ladder

    Looking for the rear FJ60 Enek ladderi that MOT here on mud would sell. It's the longer style ladder that slips over the upper rear hatch door without any drilling.
  6. DirtScaresMe

    driveway mechanics - step ladders or ?

    I saw a mechanic one time with a little stool and thought it was ridiculous. Recently I've been working on my truck more often and yesterday went to yank the back three spark plugs. I decided the mechanic I saw had a smart idea and that superman'ing across the engine bay is dumb/dangerous. I...
  7. revbeard

    Wanted  Rear Ladders for 1994 80series TN/USA

    I want a rear ladder only (without tire carrier)
  8. linuxgod

    Ladder Options

    Anyone know if there are other ladder options for the 200 aside from the Gobi? TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 LADDER· DRIVER SIDE | Gobi Racks I'm not sure with their mounting if it will clear my Gamiviti rack. Anyone with a Gobi willing to take some measurements with the trunk open? I'd like...
  9. Dan Higgins

    Roof Rack Ladder - Side mount, sits on ground,light weight, collapsable?

    The wording of the subject was a bit awkward. But now the I have a roof rack (and a ladder mounted on the lift gate) I know there are times when I would rather get to or onto the rack using a "full length" ladder. This would be from the side of the vehicle. I am envisioning something like...
  10. Holdfast

    Wanted  LJ78 Ladder

    Looking for an excellent condition rear door ladder for a 1992 LJ78 Prado. Need shipped to Ontario, L9H 5E3. Sent pics and price. Thanks
  11. newtomelx

    For Sale  4X4 labs ladder $200 , misc. Texas

    I have a new, professionally welded, fresh black powder coated rear 4X4 labs ladder with the sleeved rung but no hi-lift attachment, I will not be using this as I have bought a trailer and will not be having a roof rack, so I do not need. New this runs $375 I will take $250.00 + ride - very...
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