1. Charlie Aubin

    New 4x4 Vehicle Recovery Kit- BOG OUT 20% Discount on

    Hi there New members of IH8Mud and enjoying being part of. We're a small family business and excited to have our unique Aussie recovery gear in store in America. We have just launched on Amazon USA and are offering a limited number of 20% discounts on BOG OUT Twin Pack purchases on Amazon -...
  2. bigredmachine

    For Sale  2011+ BC coilover kit for Sienna

    I have a complete coil over kit for 2011-2016 sienna that was taken off of a customers vehicle. coil over kit only has about 30k on it, kit includes loaded front struts, lowering springs for the rear axle with spring seats and rear shocks. all hardware is included to mount and install the kit...
  3. Dashash

    For Sale  Front Disc Brake Kit (FJ40,FJ45,FJ55) jtoutfitters NEW

    Brand new (boxes opened only to verify all parts arrived - parts never mounted). Found a salvage FJ60 and went that route for my front disc conversion. This is the jtoutfitters kit shown here: Front Disc Brake Kit Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 - JTOutfitters $500, free shipping within...
  4. JackAttack13

    Vendor  Dual Battery Wiring Kits - 100 Series (Feeler)

    Hey All, I wanted to reach out and get a feel for the need / want of pre-terminated dual battery kits. I know electrical is not for everyone, and want to bring my experience and trade into the LC world. I feel that certain crowds get all of the attention from vendors i.e Tacomas, Jeeps, etc...
  5. Fuentesfranko

    JIS Bolt kit suggestions?

    Hi, I'm painting my FJ40 and I thought that I should replace rusted and stripped bolts and screws. I've been looking to get a full bolt kit but I can't make up my mind and have a couple of questions. I've been looking a Metric Overland which I like, but their 1000pc Full Kit Yellow Zinc plated...
  6. K

    is it possible to get a full set of belts and hoses for an LJ70?

    If there is a place to order a full set of belts and hoses for a 1986 LJ70? Thanks!
  7. bellaire35

    Fj40 4" HFS lift kit

    Hello, I'm looking at adding this lift to my LC. Has anyone added this lift and if so are you using shims? Front and rear? If so what degree front and rear? The kit comes with 1 1/2 shackles Heavy Duty "Hell for Stout™ " Lifts with "Soft Ride"
  8. P

    What type of Trailer hitch / Wiring kit for 1995 LC?

    Hello all, I am planning a couple of trips this summer. I will be trailing a 2k lb pop - up about 50 miles each trip. Does anyone have suggestions as to what brand of hitch and wiring harness that is the easiest to install and not too expensive? I would like to get a class III something like...
  9. diego355

    ARB Fog light kit protection?

    Im looking for alternatives to protect the ARB fog lights. During the winter time the roads are filled with pebbles that destroy all your paint, windshields and in this case my fogs so some time ago I added 3M to protect them but during a night trail run this Sunday I noticed the film was...
  10. natas801

    Need Help !!! 3L clutch kit part number

    Guys I need help finding the clutch kit in the US.It is for a 2.8 3L flywheel I put on a 2.4 LTE
  11. J

    For Sale  TURBO KIT 3L 2.8 Diesel BEST OFFER TAKES IT!!

    Sold my 1991 Hilux a few months ago and wasnt able to sell the turbo kit with it.... so its been chillen just itching to jump into another HILUX!! wish i could have put er in and seen the difference but i never had the time. So best offer takes it (within reason) I paid $3500 i know ridiculous...
  12. X

    For Sale  Hilux Extended Brake Line Kit from Marlincrawler

    Garage clean out time. Will not be needing these as truck was sold long ago. I believe these will work on any Toyota Pickup or 4Runner 1979-95, but firm up with Marlin Crawler if you don't know for sure, because I don't. These were manufactured by a military supplier, Crown Fabrications...
  13. Pauciflora

    Help with injector seat kit

    G'day Guys, I picked up my rebuilt injectors during the week. They came with a '2H and H model injector seat kit'. Contained in kit are some silver coloured washers with two little holes. Are these washers just for the 'H' model. My 2H Workshop Manual doesn't show them and I don't recall...
  14. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  RESTORED FJ40 Factory AM Radio Stereo W / Install Kit W / OEM COLOR LED BULB Equiped upgraded

    Hi , - Restored Fj40 Radio 86120-35025 Matsushita brand By national CO. - 12v volts - comes with install kit : 5 5mm x 8mm screws oem toyota - b+ acc key on pigtail , oem New yazaki connectors - Suminoto speaker wire New oem 36 inches W / 3.9mm oem Bullets insulated connectors - ground wire...
  15. RFB

    Is there a rebuild kit for a TRD S/C for a LC 4.5

    I have an FZJ80 as most know, It came with a S/C on a rebuilt motor. The S/C only has 45k thru her but Im already thinking about arts for when the time comes and I cannot find any info on it. Im told its NLA
  16. pjohnson

    SOLD  TG trunnion eliminator kit

    SOLD Tail Gear trunnion eliminator kit. New, never installed. $200 shipped (continental US) PM or reply here. Trunnion Bearing Eliminator Kit - Trail Gear
  17. LC4LIFE

    Master Kit Difference?

    Hi Everyone, I can't really find good info on the difference in what it included in different gear packages. For instance, the price difference between e-locker and no e-locker is significant. Nitro shows two gear kits and about all I can tell is that some shims are different. Does anyone...
  18. T

    CruiserYard 2fe kit

    Anyone used the 2fe kit from CruiserYard? I've about decided I wanna go with a 2FE but parts rigs aren't easy to come by around here. Seems a bit pricy, but I haven't really priced stuff out so who knows. What else would I need to complete the swap, other than new tank or fuel pump? 2F...
  19. NYIronPig

    Wanted  FJ40 4-speed Clutch Kit

    Looking for a clutch kit for the 4-speed I am dropping into my 1972 FJ40. Anyone have one they are selling?
  20. SmokingRocks

    For Sale  LCE 1FZ-FE Timing Chain Kit NIB

    I bought this kit thinking I'd need it but it turned out that my machinist had order these parts when they did the valves. So here is a unused LCE Timing Chain Kit for a 1FZ-FE Details here: 1FZ-FE 4.5L i6 Timing Chain Kit 1993-1997 Land Cruiser $80 shipped (list is just under 100 + 20 bucks...
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