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  1. Gnarwgn

    Rust on interior seat anchor - sweat it or forget it?

    Team - One of my interior seat anchor's for driver's side jump seat is fairly rusty compared to all other anchors. What if anything do I do about this? I'm thinking getting an abrasive brush extension for my cordless drill, clean it up, and then brush some primer on? Am I overthinking it...
  2. AlexMoore91

    For Sale FJ40 Short Jump Seat Frame - Charleston, SC

    Needs some work but fully functional with all mounting tabs. Have original cushions and cover but they need to be replaced. $100 + Shipping
  3. GreenBeachTruck80

    For Sale Numerous Early FJ40 parts for sale: Updated 10/5/18

    Updated 10.5.18 : List revised to show what's still available All, I recently purchased a project vehicle that included many early FJ 40 (67) parts, which I don't need/ aren't applicable to my 70 project. Below is a list of most of what's available. To simplify things, I created a Google sheet...
  4. AussieBruce

    Wanted 78' FJ40 Jump seat needed (1)

    Restoring a 1978 FJ40. When I started taking on the Jump seats I found one was different and not complete. Pretty bad bottom half of the seat size did not match and a bent pipe with crappy aluminum base. I just need one to match the one I have assuming it is a 1978. Hoping to find a deal...
  5. SHAWN4X4

    eBay Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Jump Seat Feet Bumper OEM

    I am selling 2 sets of 2 jump Feet. They are OEM. 1 set is brand new another set is used and includes the two screw but one screw is a little bent. Here is the listing one ebay Toyota Fj40 Fj43 Fj55 Bj40 Fj 40 Land Cruiser Jump Seat Feet OEM | eBay
  6. Cartertsp


    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of short jump seats with good bones. Condition of the vinyl is not important. I really appreciate any feedback. If you know someone who might have a pair. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  7. Mark7640

    Jump Seat Fabrication

    I am tired of searching for used Jump Seats and wondering if anyone has taken the time to create dimensioned drawings/plans for rear jump seat frames (short version). I'm thinking I may try to fab my own but nothing to work off of. Or, if anyone near me would consider letting me take some...
  8. 75Toyguy

    Wanted Jump Seat Needed, 1975 FJ40

    Looking for rear jump seat for a 1975 FJ40, I believe it would be a short seat to be used with a roll bar. complete seat or frame only, only need one but I would buy a pair if necessary. Ludington Michigan
  9. ColoradoCarlisle

    Wanted One small jump seat or parts

    Hello I really need only the half you actually sit on but let me know what you have Thank you For a 75
  10. tls3601

    Jump seat straps for 3/76 manu date...........

    OK so I know what length I need for this year but does anyone know what color the original straps were for this year??? The originals on my '78 were an off white. Thanks!
  11. Catfish28

    Wanted jump seat legs

    Well I've lost the just legs for my jump seats. Took them apart to get them painted and have no idea what happened, but they're sure gone. anyone with some laying around? Believe the ones with legs were 79+. Thanks.
  12. tstepp920

    Wanted Jump Seat Frames

    Found a set...Thanks. Not sure how to delet this post WTB......Jump Seats or seat frames fro a 1980 FJ40. The photo has the correct jump seats for the year. (Ben Edwards photo, not mine)
  13. michaelharrisco

    Rear Jump Seat Flopping Around When Up

    This is trivial, but for some reason annoying me when I'm driving around and the rear jump seat is flopping / banging around back there when I have it in the up position. The velcro came off one of the straps. I put a new sticky piece on there and it seems to be holding up good, but for some...
  14. Adams77

    For Sale One small jump seat FJ40 (GA)

  15. bwalker16527

    For Sale Jump seat covers 79-83 OEM gray OregonUSA

    Jump seat covers for sale, good condition 79-83 OEM gray $65
  16. K

    Wanted FJ40 Rear Jump Seat (Short)

    I put in a pair of rear jump seats from a 78 FJ40 in my 68 as I needed the smaller seats due to the roll-bar cage. One of them broke. Looking for one seat, but also happy to buy a pair
  17. BabyD

    Wanted Jump Seats and Front Seats for 1965 FJ40.

    HI everyone! I am in need of nice original set of seats for my 1969 FJ40. I don't want freshly painted seat frames or new seat covers. I am looking for nice original seats that are not all torn up. Let me know if you can help me out. Shoot me pics and prices please! I am in Sheridan, WY...
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