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  1. SirBeef

    1988 FJ62 LED Interior Bulb Swap Chart (2020 Edition)

    Hey friends. I just finished upgrading all of my old dash bulbs, as well as cargo and dome lights, with new LEDs from SuperBrightLeds. I was using a list from an old thread on here, but most bulbs on the list were no longer in production. So...I made a new list with links, prices, colors...
  2. MJay

    Center Dome Light (Entertainment Pod) Broken Switch Ideas?

    The switch is broken off on the center dome light (rear seat) that is part of the in-ceiling video system. Any ideas for how to find a replacement (I've searched all over, and so has my local mechanic), or any ideas for a replacement for the whole shebang? I don't need / won't ever use the...
  3. Too Tall Ted

    PFRAN LED's great interior light kit & support is AAA+

    I can't say enough good things about this company. I installed the #3 kit & backup lights in my 80 series a while back and can't say enough good things about how bright this kit it! Such a big help when camping out of the 80 at night. So bright it brings the friends around asking about the kit...
  4. SlugBoy

    interior light help

    Hey guys, I have a 2000 HZJ105R and i was recently installing a rooftop console when i accidentally touched two of the wires coming from the middle interior light. Now the wire coming for the 'door' isn't earthing with a door open as it should be. I've checked all fuses, checked with multimeter...
  5. J

    Where to buy LED interior light kits?

    Been searching on Mud without much success. Where are you folks buying the LED kits? I see stuff on E-Bay but descriptions are rather vague. Advice would be appreciated.
  6. Classic85

    Interior Lighting

    OK, it all started with two bulbs needing replaced now I got the bug and started following this it's like crack. My question is; Does the E-locker switch, aka magic button, have a bulb in it? And, does the power mirror switch have a bulb in it?
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