1. Otter

    Interesting study results from Blackstone Labs

    Link to Jalopnik article - Why Expensive Oil is a Waste of Money Link to Blackstone Labs' newsletter - Which Oil is Better?
  2. 40Man

    Interesting observation after using E0 gasoline (non-ethanol)

    So I ran my last tank with E0 gasoline to see if there was any difference. After adding RW Wheels and KO2s I have been getting roughly 15.8 mpg calculating for the 3.9% difference in tire size (down from 16.6 mpg with stock wheels/tires). After one tank of ethanol free, I went 308.3 miles on...
  3. White Stripe

    Interesting tie rod ends

    Never seen this before...
  4. B Todd

    Interesting thoughts on lifts

    I came across this researching lifting my cruiser. Seems like pretty solid logic to me, and transferable to our 80's, but wanted perspective of the more experienced. Just read OP since it derails like all forum threads. My thoughts on lifts
  5. Foreigner

    Hey, look what I saw. . .

    I spotted this in the Bozone yesterday. Local plates. Somebody here? I woulda left a note, but didn't have any paper. What rigs have you seen around Montana?
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