1. RFB

    SOLD  NEW IN PACKAGING 1FZE OEM Engine wiring harness and 2 NEW knock sensors NEW 575.00 shipped

    I bought 2 of these new in OEM packaging with 2 knock sensors( as they will likely break in harness swap) this is brand new, not pulled form another truck. 575.00 for harness and 2 new in package knock sensors shipped CONUS text me ONLY is serious please. Richie 508-718-8253
  2. samvaid

    ZOR has landed at IH8MUD

    Woow, this is amazing. ZOR has now gone GLOBAL.....!!!!!!!
  3. baselfish

    UJoints replaced - thnxs Ih8mud !!!

    howde all.... just replace all 4 u joints / spiders - another self repair done - thanks to ih8mud. not sure i coudln't of just zerked off on the bearings - but anyways such is the mud credo... how to replace the u-joints in your 80 rear axle service photos all in all i call it a...
  4. woody

    Popup Warnings, SSL, etc...

    Just a quick FYI.... 2017 is the year of SSL/HTTPS...for those who paid attention, IH8MUD made the change to https:// in October 2016. Note the comforting green padlock and green "Secure" in your browser URL :) Simply put, any site that takes credit cards, serves a browser cookie OR has a...
  5. Lotarp100

    A night in the Green Swamp: Lotarp 100 busted front diff in Richloam Wildlife Management District

    On her second voyage out, the Lotarp100 took us on a 35-mile journey on fire roads through the Richloam Wildlife area, about a half-hour from home. We picked her up about a month ago. Somebody gave her a $200 maaco paintjob complete with runs. It looks great as a background for mud spray...
  6. T

    For Sale  For sale 1990 Landcruiser Prado

    This is the legendary 4cylinder turbo diesel that gets up to 35 mpg and goes forever . This Landcruiser Prado model LJ78 with an automatic trans has brand new stock size tires runs purfect after a brand new head valves cam , injectors glow plugs radiator water pump timing belt turbo, glow plug...
  7. 2KCruiser

    Builds  IH8MUD??? more like IH8CASH, new rig, new addiction, my build, let's Begin!

    While thumbing through the tech page I came across this link last Thursday, Gettin' ready to sell my 80, need some help with a few repairs I thought wow, another OCD 80 owner trying to fix minor details on a 20 yr old truck before listing, sounds good to me. So I soon messaged him and inquired...
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