1. G

    1hdfte/ct20b/ct26small rebuild and/or hybridize for 1hdt

    I am moving this into its own thread to consolidate and hopefully get more advice.... Hi, looking for a mild low budget upgrade for my 1hdt I decided to go with the 17204-170401hdfte turbo. Picked up one cheap on gumtree. Had a damaged compressor wheel, but otherwise it is in great shape (no...
  2. lelandEOD

    Does anyone know what happened to the Valley Hybrid Swapmeets?

    Seems like Georg isn't putting these on anymore? I am going into withdrawals without a regional meet and greet/swapmeet.
  3. arrynes

    For Sale  Frankencruiser - FJ40/43 FJCruiser HYBRID

    Not mine, just saw the ad and figured someone would enjoy reading through it. 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser on KSL.com A steal at $24,999.... partial gun trades accepted
  4. aniesigh

    Making a stronger 80 series front axle

    Hi Guys, I'm Adam, from the UK. i have a winch challenge Land Rover based tube buggy with a VVTi 1UZ and 80 series axles I have already popped a stock birf so upgraded to RCV axles and birfs, now i have stripped the front ring & pinion (was expecting it to happen at some point) it was stock gear...
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