1. lelandEOD

    Does anyone know what happened to the Valley Hybrid Swapmeets?

    Seems like Georg isn't putting these on anymore? I am going into withdrawals without a regional meet and greet/swapmeet.
  2. arrynes

    For Sale Frankencruiser - FJ40/43 FJCruiser HYBRID

    Not mine, just saw the ad and figured someone would enjoy reading through it. 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser on KSL.com A steal at $24,999.... partial gun trades accepted
  3. aniesigh

    Making a stronger 80 series front axle

    Hi Guys, I'm Adam, from the UK. i have a winch challenge Land Rover based tube buggy with a VVTi 1UZ and 80 series axles I have already popped a stock birf so upgraded to RCV axles and birfs, now i have stripped the front ring & pinion (was expecting it to happen at some point) it was stock gear...
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