1. H

    Possible vacuum line question?

    Happy new year everyone. The other day I was replacing my antenna and found what appears to be a vacuum hose coming out from passenger side firewall going to nothing. Sorry for my ignorance but what is it? I have included a pic. Thanks everyone.
  2. Arabian Cruiser

    Fzj80 Front Heater Core Delete

    hi guys, have been searching this topic for a couple of days now and I'm either using the wrong terminology or there is no write up on it but I need some help. Heater hoses have started to leak and deteriorate and its time to change them. Living in the middle east don't really need the heater...
  3. djzimms

    Puzzle to me - hose location help

    Okay...I'll probably always call myself a newbie, considering the first time I ever changed my own oil was just a few months ago. Thanks to Mud, I've now replaced my alternator, starter, installed new u joints on the rear drive shaft and cleaned it up. Going to install tonight. Now, here's my...
  4. P

    ALL the Hoses- FJ80

    Does anyone have a good list (or direct me towards) a list of all the hoses in the FJ80? I have a good shop near me that is reasonable on rates and I'm thinking of having most of the hoses replaced on my 91 or all the old ones that are harder than rocks. I've seen people recommend rockauto...
  5. HDJdreams

    Bulk hose sizes/types for underhood?

    I am replacing my brake booster, I tracked down the 11/32” brake booster vacuum hose online, about to order. While I was at it, I was wondering what other hose sizes/types to get and how much as I will be dealing with basically all the hoses under the hood. Here’s what’s on the menu...
  6. K

    is it possible to get a full set of belts and hoses for an LJ70?

    If there is a place to order a full set of belts and hoses for a 1986 LJ70? Thanks!
  7. inkpot

    Super Charger hoses

    Can't find the Search function on my fone anymore. I think this came up recently but I can't find a thread. Anyone sell the entire set of hoses, or do I have to go out and source them individually??
  8. ZackR

    Inner Front Brake Hoses

    Next time you are underneath check the condition of the inner front brake hoses. I had one fail a few days ago (luckily it wasn't catastrophic). Replacement wasn't very difficult at home but would definitely suck to do in the parking lot of a parts store on a road trip. The previous owner...
  9. AaKnight

    Wanted  FZJ80 heater pipes

    Looking for the rear heater pipes (back section ) as well as the rear engine outlet pipe (pipe that the PHH goes to). Also looking for an engine mount cover (square box goes over engine mounts).
  10. AaKnight

    Wanted  FZJ80 heater hoses

    Looking for the rear heater pipes (back section ) as well as the rear engine outlet pipe (pipe that the PHH goes to). Also looking for an engine mount cover (square box goes over engine mounts).
  11. Pantingfish

    New Owner, Radiator Question and hoses leading to thermo broken?

    Hey, So I've been looking for a FJ60 for awhile, just bought one last month, been browsing the forums for about a year just have never had a reason to make an account (thank you search bar) Anyways last week my radiator started leaking from the top seam really badly, babied it home, stopping...
  12. A

    Taking apart rear heater minus hoses for cleaning ?

    My Cruiser has years of French fries, coins, etc built up under the rear heater from the PO. I want to take apart the rear heater as much as possible save for the heater pipes. Sometimes I use it to dissipate heat. Has anyone done this, can I just start pulling things off until I get to the...
  13. Jasonredwood

    1985 FJ60 fuel tank hoses

    Looking to replace the fuel lines that are coming in and out of the fuel tank on my newly cleaned out fuel tank. Any suggestions? Having a hard time finding anyone online that has the parts let alone part number. I sourced the image from spectre off road. Should I just see if I find comparable...
  14. shack

    No. 1 & No. 2 PCV Hoses

    Looking for part numbers for the following two hoses. Or, alternatively the sizes so I can just find them 3rd party somewhere. Thanks!
  15. wngrog

    For Sale  Sold

    $100 plus a $20 ride
  16. 4Cruisers

    For Sale  FJ60/62 SS Front Brake Hoses - Axle to Knuckle NM

    Two SS front brake hoses $25 shipped.
  17. BoiseFJ

    Best Vacuum Hoses to buy? Brand and Source ? Besides the Dealer!

    My 2000 Cruiser has 220K on it and before Overlanding this year, I want to replace all the vacuum lines. Where is the best source and quality vacuum hose? , other than ordering all the individual ones from the dealer. Curious what everyone is using and if they are happy with the quality...
  18. tstepp920

    Wanted  Defrost vents and hoses

    FOUND WHAT I NEEDED. Thanks Just what it says. Items 20, 21, 22, 23 in image
  19. Ironbuck

    FUN with P/S Hoses

    I am replacing some P/S hoses. Specifically the HP hose that is bolted into the steering gear. The threads and the FSM all call for a standard flare wrench to get these off. I have PB-blasted it and used some mechanical advantage with the flare-wrench - no luck. I am about to just cut it off...
  20. davelovesfjs

    Help Identifying Engine Compartment Parts

    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a local FJ60 that the owner says is in great condition, but I happened to notice it's missing a few hoses compared to some other photos I've seen in the engine compartment. I don't know these trucks well enough to know if that's something I should be concerned about...
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