1. Bas Zuidberg

    tips on changing '83 HJ47 troop carrier back to original

    Hi, I recently (finally) purchased a 1983 HJ47RV-KCQ troop carrier. Had a PTO winch at delivery. Modifications include a second diesel tank and a spare wheel carrier fitted by the Australian army. Later a water tank was added by the previous owner. Pictures attached. Would like to keep it in as...
  2. 7056P

    HJ47 non-EDIC

    Quick question for you diesel experts. I recently purchased a 1984 HJ47 ute while here on work duty in Fiji. It had a cable attached to the injectector pump to shut off the engine. It appears that it never had EDIC as there are no brackets for the edic motor and the attachments for the cable...
  3. koxfarm

    HJ47 12HT changed plan to FJ62 12HT

    Started with a need to carry stuff arround and a dream for a diesel roar.. evolved in a plan.. its actioned now. 1984 HJ47 cab chassis 2H and 4speed box. The ultimate Aussie workhorse of the 80'. It has travelled 250K had two owners before me. The original owner had kept her in very good shape...
  4. shay

    HJ47 Getting Some Electrical Luvin

    My mate Paul Read, better known as MrLandcruiser here in Australia has an awesome HJ47 Ute, but he's been having real trouble lately with the 'original' wiring. This guy at SMART has some neat tricks and ideas when it comes to bullet proofing the looms.
  5. tlaporte

    SOLD  OEM Intermittent Wiper Switch and Knob

    Switch is Part Number 84652-60330, and the knob is 84651-20032 (for completeness sake, the bolt is part number 90984-01007) Appropriate for 8/80-9/84 40-series Landcruisers Three positions: intermittent, low, and high Can be used with modified wiper motor, or with relay from a 60-series, to give...
  6. G

    hj47, fj45, bj42, fj40 hj47 speedo swap j06 to j07

    hi everyone, has anyone ever swapped there j06 dash cluster to a j07 or even a j07 speedometer into a j06 cluster. have this question because my odometer stopped turning and i can not find a j06 cluster anywhere to replace it. though i have seen a j07 speedometer for $ 350, there is a complete...
  7. G

    H55f, h41 gearbox service/ recommend oil

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum Between myself, my brother and my dad we own 2 fj45s and one hj47 and all three are due for a service. The plan is gearbox, engine, diffs and especially the brakes. Though just to be sure what oil is recomended for the gearboxes? The 45s have the stock 4 speeds...
  8. G

    h55f fifth gear oiler cap part number

    hi everyone I am currently rebuilding a factory forty series h55f gearbox/ transfer and i have broken the fifth gear oiler cup. I have called Cowra Toyota to order a new one but they don't exactly know what it is that i am after. Dose anyone on this forum know what the part number is so they...
  9. R

    2H Turbo Question.

    Hello all. I have a 1984 HJ47 with the 2H, and am considering the pros and cons of adding a turbo. This truck climbs like a Mountain Goat off road, but struggles up grades at highway speeds. All the discussions seem to focus on whether or not the 2H is capable of handling the boost. I think...
  10. M

    HJ47 - 4WD dash light

    Hello everyone, First post, long time reader and newly acquired first time owner of a HJ47 ute and loving it! I have a question relating to the 4WD light on the centre of the dash (the lamp above brake / parking brake). Mine is an Aussie delivered HJ47 and is being used as a farm truck, but...
  11. Hj mat??

    Hj mat??

    Hj mat
  12. Pumpkin Troopy

    SOLD  HJ45- HJ47 FJ45 Leaf Springs 2" Lift

    Left Over parts after 4-Link Mod 2 Front Leaf Springs 2 Rear Leaf Springs Rear Springs Measure 48 eye to eye Front Springs Measure 41 eye to eye This pic shows them installed with 33x12.5 tires Local Pickup in San Diego CA Looking to get $250 OBO
  13. BigWesty

    Builds  Beast to Beauty - 1983 HJ47

    So having been a classic lurker for about a year I've bitten the bullet, joined and have dived straight into a rebuild thread... Having driven 40s for years on the farm where I work, I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy one for myself. I initially went out looking for a tidyish ute...
  14. H

    HJ47 Glow Plug Problems

    Hi All, I have just found this forum after asking Mr Google about glow plug probs. I have a HJ47 which is giving grief in the cold start dept. After reading through several threads on here I am thinking of converting to a Wilson Switch and running dual element 11v plugs. I tried to chase up a...
  15. Dashash

    HJ47 Towing Capacity

    Gents, Please forgive me...I tried the search function to no avail... What is the towing capacity of an HJ47? Does it change if said HJ47 is equipped with a 12HT motor? Does anybody here have experience towing with the old troopy? Thanks!
  16. PinkLemon

    For Sale  HJ47 Truck in Northern California

    Classic stock Aussie HJ47 truck north of San Francisco on eBay: link here. HJ47 by PinkLemon posted Apr 4, 2017 at 6:52 PM
  17. 1derer

    For Sale  1979 HJ47 RHD Diesel - CA

    1979 HJ 47 Troopy Located in Northern CA H diesel 3.6L 4spd Manual Jump Seats (no belts) Runs, drives, stops Needs some rust repair Currently not titled, will be working on this soon if I do it price will go UP! Must pickup with trailer from San Jose CA Dog not included! Video going...
  18. Dashash

    eBay HJ47 listing

    Hi gents, New to the forum so I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. I've been hunting for an HJ47 for some time now and happened upon this new listing on eBay: 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 | eBay. I noticed the VIN was registered on this site a while ago. Does anyone know...
  19. Rustic76

    For Sale  Nice HJ47 on eBay

    No affiliation, just passing this one on. Looks like a very nice troopy. 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 | eBay
  20. jeddavo

    hj47 troopy side door entry.... thoughts?

    Alright guys this is my first post on mud, Ive got an 81 hj47 troopy that I've had for the past 4 years was stock as when i bought it, 2h had 50000km on it from rebuild, body has 250xxx km in pretty good condition has had fibre glass guards and roof already on it few spots on the foot well were...
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