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    For Sale  C.America 1974 Hj45 pickup LHD great restoration candidate

    Good evening, Landcruisermart.com brings you a 1974 hj45 pickup with H diesel engine, a great candidate for a restoration or just a great truck to have on a farm for hauling stuff around. The chassis is in great condition. The body does have some rust as is visible in pictures and could be...
  2. W

    fj40/2h gearbox into h engine

    Hey guys, just wondering if a fj40 gearbox and trans, or a 2h gearbox and trans would fit into a hj45 with h engine? i have the Bellhousing for the H, just have a distinct lack of choices for gearboxes in my area. cheers
  3. I

    FSM Toyota H Engine Repair Manual (pdf) Publication number 981112 April 1976 Publication number 981112 April 1976

    Toyota H Engine Repair Manual (pdf) Publication number 981112 April 1976 hj45
  4. W

    HJ45 Power steering

    G'day guys. New to the forum. I've recently purchased a 1979 HJ45 Troop Carrier and I'm keen to put power steering in it. Does anyone know where to find a kit/what I can use from another car/How I can do it? Thanks!
  5. N

    1978 HJ45 2WD not working

    I just bought a restored 1978 HJ45 and the 2WD stopped working. All of the 4WD options work but when I shift the 4WD back to neutral then the gear won’t engage as shift through them. I can also shift to gear and take my foot off the clutch and the car won’t stall.
  6. Pura Vida

    1985 HJ45 fuses and lights

    Hello all! I have recently purchased a 1980 HJ45 from Costa Rica and imported it. I love the diesel inline 6, but I have run into a few problems. For one, the left side brake, turn signal and reverse light are very dim and almost impossible to see during the day. I suspect it is a fuse problem...
  7. RisingSunLCS

    For Sale  ON,Canada, Used left & right side 45 series cab corner glass

    Used Left and Right cab corner glass out of a ’78 removable top FJ45. Window seals have tears but, will be included in the sale for added protection during shipping. $500USD for the pair + shipping on your dime. I will pay for the added shipping insurance and materials. Payment via PayPal, no...
  8. C

    Daily Drive 1980 HJ45 troopy Build

    I have a 1980 HJ45 RHD in Texas and I'll be posting pics and stuff as I go through it and build it up to a Cruising Machine. This is what she looked like when I went to pick her up and take her home. I got her up in Kansas City. I had been looking for one of these for a while and finally...
  9. C

    HJ45 not starting after new starter installed

    Hello I have a 1980 HJ45 Aussie. My cruiser had been throwing sparks when it would start up and eventually it completely died on me. I had a new starter and starter relay installed but it started arching when you would connect the battery terminals. I solved the arching issue which was solved by...
  10. C

    1H glow plug wiring

    Does anyone have any advice for wiring up the glow plugs on a new wiring harness made for Gas LandCruisers.
  11. yannrg

    Hi everybody , searching for Transfer Case differences between HJ45 ( 1979 vs 1980 ) which is reinforced?..maybe i´m wrong?

    Hello there, if possible if any knows about serious differences between HJ45 1979 transfer versus 1980 HJ45 transfer, somebody told me that 1980 HJ45 comes with reinforced transfer but now, there are anybody who kindly post knowledge about this ? thanks in advance.!
  12. C

    Oil Pressure super high after oil change

    i have a 1980 RHD HJ45 with a 1H engine. I just got it and changed the oil, it had been running high before but after changing it went past the High mark. Any ideas whats happening?
  13. C

    front turn signals are different

    So i have a interesting problem with my front turn signals on my 1980 HJ45 TROOPY.When i use them the left and right ones are different. the left one flashes on the top and the right is on the bottom. i have no clue what’s happening. any suggestions?
  14. C

    HJ45 Engine Cut Off Switch

    Ive been trying to find out for some time now how the 1985 and older HJ's turned off. I've heard that there is a kill switch on some and others you simply remove the key like modern cars. Which one is it? Any advice or info is welcome.
  15. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier

    Sold! MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier Note: Jerry can holder has never been installed, but has been modified to attach on the right side @Racer65 OEM Jerry Can Holder he offers bolts directly on to this carrier. Very rare OEM item. $250 plus actual shipping...
  16. Matt1260

    For Sale  1977 HJ45 - Oregon

    I'm selling this for a friend. Costa Rica import. Lots of work done on it. It was frame off "restored" by a hobbyist/enthusiast in Costa Rica with a couple of hundred pictures showing his work. It's a decent job, but some things could have been done better. LOTS of new stuff. Clutch, pressure...
  17. supraturbo

    Wanted  fj40-45 DOUBLE CAB

    Looking to buy a fj40-fj45 double cab (no bandeirante) and would prefer a Toyota diesel engine but can look into other engines since i have quite a few 1HZ laying around collecting dust here. I am from Canada and i am a bit of a so called "Land cruiser Enthusiast" i guess. You can reply here...
  18. BTUMAN

    For Sale  1978 HJ45 Pickup- Restored

    1978 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45 Diesel Pickup- offered in the beautiful Toyota Green Gray 6H9 - Professionally restored, nut and bolt frame off, mechanical, gear and electrical true restoration. Offered by elitelandcruisers dotcom. See website for detailed pictures and video. We live and breath...
  19. houstonfj40

    Wanted  Aisin “long body” hubs

    working on another solution but thought I would see if any are still out there. Thanks. 79 drum brake set up Marc
  20. BTUMAN

    For Sale  SOLD - 1980 HJ45 Troop Carrier- Pro Restored

    Ask any questions if you are interested in purchasing. In Texas. More pictures and video on website: elitelandcruisers
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