1. HJ47

    SOLD MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier

    Sold! MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier Note: Jerry can holder has never been installed, but has been modified to attach on the right side @Racer65 OEM Jerry Can Holder he offers bolts directly on to this carrier. Very rare OEM item. $250 plus actual shipping...
  2. Matt1260

    For Sale 1977 HJ45 - Oregon

    I'm selling this for a friend. Costa Rica import. Lots of work done on it. It was frame off "restored" by a hobbyist/enthusiast in Costa Rica with a couple of hundred pictures showing his work. It's a decent job, but some things could have been done better. LOTS of new stuff. Clutch, pressure...
  3. supraturbo

    Wanted fj40-45 DOUBLE CAB

    Looking to buy a fj40-fj45 double cab (no bandeirante) and would prefer a Toyota diesel engine but can look into other engines since i have quite a few 1HZ laying around collecting dust here. I am from Canada and i am a bit of a so called "Land cruiser Enthusiast" i guess. You can reply here...

    For Sale 1978 HJ45 Pickup- Restored

    1978 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45 Diesel Pickup- offered in the beautiful Toyota Green Gray 6H9 - Professionally restored, nut and bolt frame off, mechanical, gear and electrical true restoration. Offered by elitelandcruisers dotcom. See website for detailed pictures and video. We live and breath...
  5. houstonfj40

    Wanted Aisin “long body” hubs

    working on another solution but thought I would see if any are still out there. Thanks. 79 drum brake set up Marc

    For Sale SOLD - 1980 HJ45 Troop Carrier- Pro Restored

    Ask any questions if you are interested in purchasing. In Texas. More pictures and video on website: elitelandcruisers
  7. T

    For Sale 1980 HJ45

    Up for sale is my 1980 Toyota HJ45 landcruiser Troop carrier also known as the Troopy. Started out as a project but have too many projects in the garage so this one has to go. 10k Diesel engine work done by very reputable company in Atlanta a few months ago. Runs strong, smokes at first but what...
  8. J

    identification by engine number 2H

    Hello Folks, I have a very similar problem as described in 2H-engine number / building year unfortunately the thread wasn't really helpful enough to see what that means for my engine. Also for me, I have an Engine that was put into a different body.. In my case a 2H engine is sitting in a...
  9. 1

    For Sale 1979 HJ45 Troopy Diesel N.CA

    1979 Toyota HJ45 (Diesel) Troopy Just Issued CA title from DMV Technical Compliance! No out of state games, bs or questions if its CA legal! Toyota H Diesel 3.6L 6cyl 4SPD Has some tub rust, some repairs in back by tailgate (see pics). Runs and drives but is in need of full restore. Value is...
  10. G

    hj47, fj45, bj42, fj40 hj47 speedo swap j06 to j07

    hi everyone, has anyone ever swapped there j06 dash cluster to a j07 or even a j07 speedometer into a j06 cluster. have this question because my odometer stopped turning and i can not find a j06 cluster anywhere to replace it. though i have seen a j07 speedometer for $ 350, there is a complete...
  11. athensrep

    For Sale HJ74 HJ45 rear jump seats - Atlanta

    I have two - both for the US drivers side - in good overall shape. Needs some cleaning up, but folds up great. If you need seat belts, I have those too. $300 take them.
  12. Kadjiado

    Hj45 suspension jamming

    I don't seem to be able to get this picture up. But my rear suspension leaves are jamming the shackle against the chassis. Any thought on why this is? Spring too long? Too short? Shackle in the wrong place? Link to photo: https://goo.gl/photos/4S3mFZU6YB6ckPxo9 Thanks
  13. G

    H55f, h41 gearbox service/ recommend oil

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum Between myself, my brother and my dad we own 2 fj45s and one hj47 and all three are due for a service. The plan is gearbox, engine, diffs and especially the brakes. Though just to be sure what oil is recomended for the gearboxes? The 45s have the stock 4 speeds...
  14. jbzee

    For Sale HJ45 Auction $1 No Reserve!!

    1978 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay This is my truck... Nice rig
  15. H

    Replacing diesel fuel tank on HJ45

    I've just replaced the fuel tank on my 1976 HJ45 and wanted to share the process in case it is helpful to anyone else. If you're in the US and have an HJ45, you know it's not easy to find parts or know-how on these trucks. A few weeks ago I noticed diesel leaking from the tank. I removed the...
  16. NelsWels

    Wanted HJ45 H-1 lower thermostat housing for H diesel 1980's landcruiser

    Looking for a housing for HJ45 - the lower thermostat housing for H1 diesel 1980's Australian Landcruiser. NOT for H2 diesel. Will paypal, venmo, bitcoin, card, overnight, whatever i need to. Not the upper. I have that and the thermostat itself.
  17. J

    For Sale 1975 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER HJ45 DIESEL.. $30,000

    hi there selling my 1975 toyota landcruiser hj45 diesel.. 1975 toyota landcruiser HJ45 Diesel pickup. Similar to the FJ45 in style but with the diesel engine. All original "H" diesel engine matted "H41" resoration done yrs ago, runs strong. 4 speed manual transmission with granny first gear. the...
  18. RufusTheDufus

    For Sale 1980 HJ45 12v EDIC Fuel Control Relay 28590-56060

    Used 12 volt Fuel Control Relay from my 1980 HJ45. Toyota p/n 28590-56060. Worked fine when I had the H engine in the truck. I switched to a later model 3B and this older style relay is not compatible with the EDIC motor on the newer engine. I'm including the mating connector and some wire...
  19. J

    Checked out an HJ45 for sale

    I've always kept a look out for old cruisers, actually went and had my first look at one today. It's a 1979 HJ45 with reconditioned H motor. Photos on the ad didn't look too bad. Got there and it was quite rusty in the chassis and around the cab mounts. Are the heavily rusted parts like the cab...
  20. Cabs

    Wanted Wanted 1975 hj45 parts

    looking for a driveline belt, radiator with hoses, oil filters, knuckle seal kit, and new spring hangers
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