1. 1derer

    SOLD  San Jose CA, 1988 HJ75 Camper

    Asking $29,500 California Titled, registered Motorhome, Plated and VIN replaced by CHP Pictures: HJ75 For Sale Youtube walk around from Adventure Van Expo: 1988 Toyota HJ75 UTE - Right Hand Drive : Country of Origin: Australia Miles: 72,000KM - 45,000 miles Engine: 2H Diesel (mpg: HWY/...
  2. P

    For Sale  89' HJ61 California Registration - Truckee, CA

    1989 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser. RHD Japanese Domestic Model VX Limited 4WD 12H-T Diesel Engine. Mechanically this vehicle is sound, new exhaust system was just put in (May 2019), the 12H-T fires clean, automatic transmission turns before 2500 rpm. It burns a little rich but starts at altitude...
  3. F

    Throttle Probs

    Hey Guys, first time on one of these things so here goes! I am nearly at the end of a build, putting a 1H motor into a 77 FJ45 body one thing I cannot work out is how to hook up the throttle. I have just ordered a diesel accelerator cable as the petty cable won't work, I have maybe some/all of...
  4. supraturbo

    Wanted  hzj75-hzj79 dual cab LHD up to 2004

    Hi land cruiser gurus, i am in the market for a dual cab land cruiser hzj75 or 79 up to 2004 (canada) and/or a modified hj47 dual cab in LHD as well. PM me if you can source that. If you can build me one like in the pictures contact me as well. the requierments: factory toyota diesel(hz...
  5. T

    For Sale  1977-1984 FJ doors

    I have a set of FJ doors that came off a 1980 HJ45. Good condition, painted blue, has all the glass, interior panel, knobs. Does have a little rust on the bottom. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you 750.00 for both doors.
  6. sevewone

    For Sale  HJ in Alberta Canada 17,500$ NOT mine

    1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon Turbo Diesel | used cars & trucks | Lethbridge | Kijiji Shouldn't last long ..Pretty neat Cruiser. Called the guy and he told me EVERYTHING is always done at Toyota. Turbo has been on there for over 25 years :) ! Oh and hes firm on price... Now if only it M/T
  7. Rifleman

    Parting Out  Two, HJ 61

    I saw this ad on my local Craig's list, and thought other Mud members may find some parts they need, I'm not the seller, so please DON'T contact me. The ad says they have the PTO winch along with cable lockers. TEXT (480) 395-5734 RARE HJ61 TOYOTA TURBO DIESEL PARTS AVAILABLE PTO WINCH LOCKERS
  8. Rossenguzman

    For Sale  1975 Toyota HJ 45 in Saint Paul MN

    $25,000. Long bed, Rebuilt Original Engine, missing turbo but everything else stock original. Title in hand, Located in Saint Paul Minnesota.
  9. nielsbusser

    HJ 60 into small camper thingy #didgeriblue

    hi everyone, i hope this is the right place, but im currently very busy with turning my HJ60 into a small kind of camper thing, so i can travel australia with it after my internship(im from Holland) i will do a 3 month travel with it. i bought Didgeriblue (that's the name of the car) from a...
  10. rideglobally

    Air condition on HJ 47 RHD

    i have the oem air conditioning unit on my rig, 1983 HJ 47 RHD. when it is working it is great, however i have had issues with it every year...... last year it was the evaporator leaking...etc. i am trying to figure out if i rebuild or replace it. i did a search i know there are aftermarket unit...
  11. D

    For Sale  HJ 61 -1989

    1989 Japanese Diesel Land Cruiser HJ61. •RHD (right hand drive) •Rare •Runs solid •Recently rebuilt automatic transmission •New Exhaust System •New head unit with working telescoping antenna •Nardi wood steering wheel •New OME (Old Man Emu) Lift •New BFG BFGoodrich A/T KO's •New rear tailgate...
  12. Spencerfj6289

    Fj62 body swap

    Hello I'm trying to figure out how much of a challenge it would be for me to take the whole body off of my 62 and put it on a bj/hj 60 frame. If anyone has any advice they can give I'd appreciate it.
  13. Spencerfj6289

    Fj62 and bj/hj frame?

    Hello, I'm trying to find out if an fj62 (1989) has the same frame as any of the diesel 60 series. Also I'd like to know if anyone here has attempted to put a 62 body on a diesel frame and any advice you can give me in my plan to build a diesel 62 series. I don't think I have the skills to do an...
  14. gheverly


    So, my e-brake light is turning on randomly. At first I thought it was just the electrical circuit issue causing the light to indicate that the e-brake was still engaged although it was not. But some research how now shown me that the e-brake light indicates the e-brake being engaged, brake...
  15. S

    For Sale  HJ61 or BJ60, Vancouver Island

    Hi there! I'm a 20 year old university student in Victoria with a passion for these cars. I'm trying to find a diesel 60, not in perfect in condition, but one that I'm not gonna have to worry about pouring money into to make it run, or make sure it's road safe, or prevent it from rotting...
  16. PNWScooby

    Buying Diesel 6x series for DD?

    I read through the sticky thread about diesel conversion options before starting this and I think this could be a good new addition to the topic. If not, my bad, delete or move. I'm a forum newb. I have been researching the different ways to own a Diesel 60 series for my DD for a few months...
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