1. D

    11k (CAD) negotiable for high milage 94 worth it ?

    Hey guys, I'm totally new to this so go easy on me - I've been forum diving for the past two weeks on here and google. I just wanted a second opinion from this awesome community on this; also taking it to a special off road mech here in vancouver BC in a couple of days...
  2. B

    Denver area help

    Hey, Long time reader, finally posting that I bought my FZJ-80. Probably the wrong place to post this, but I'm new to Denver and new to wrenching so I'm in need of some advice on my first "big" job - Front axle rebuild. Lots of great posts on here, but I can't print a forum for instructions...
  3. CruiserWeight

    FJ60 frame swap!

    I know it has been done before, so for those who know about it what needs to be done to make the 80 series frame/chassis work with the 60 series body? I understand that the frame needs to be shortened but by how much and do you take a chunk out from the center or the rear.
  4. CruiserWeight

    Bay Area Brothers Unite.

    The 2f in my fj60 has a blown head gasket and maybe other problems im unaware of. Im not interested in rebuilding the engine so if anybody wants to buy one on the cheap let me know. What Im asking all my bay area brethren is to help me source a cummins 4bt to drop in my 60, everything in a...
  5. CruiserWeight

    E-Brake Problem!

    For some odd reason the previous owner of the FJ60 I recently acquired removed the Emergency brake cable, only god knows why. Does anyone know how and where to route the replacement cable (from e-brake lever to drum breaks), Images and links greatly Appreciated.
  6. B

    54 mm Socket, breaker bar and C-clip

    Hey guys! I was wondering if one of you would be able to rent me a 54 mm socket and breaker bar? for taking off the locking nuts within my 1982 bj60 front hub! also if anyone has any extra snap clips (to keep my axle in my birfield joint) I'd be happy to buy them off you! preferably by March...
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