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  1. patchagan

    DIY Nakamichi Head Unit 3.5mm (Aux) Install '98-02

    DIY Factory Nakamichi Head Unit 3.5mm Aux Install '98-02 (I think this is the same unit through 2002 but could be wrong). I really enjoy the factory look of my head unit in my '99 LX470 but have been frustrated by the low sound quality of my $2 FM radio adapter. I decided to figure out a way to...
  2. D

    2002 lx470 Head unit completely dead. Help!?

    Hi Everyone, My head unit completely went dark after my plugged my car charger in the cigarette lighter unit. (The car still ran with no lights on the dash) On parking the car I also realized the key fob remote was not working either. Got home checked the fuses and surely the fuses for Radio...
  3. starclassic

    I need an electrical Sherlock Holmes

    So I have a professionally installed aftermarket head unit (Kenwood DDX6704S) in my '99 (non-nav) LC. I'm driving the other day and it just turns off. Goes totally black, no power at all. I get it home, check all the related fuses — nothing. All fuses are fine, including the one in the back of...
  4. starclassic

    Sudden head unit power failure

    Greetings friends. I need some help with an electrical issue in my '99 LC. I was driving along when my Kenwood 2-din head unit went dark. I have since determined: - No blown fuses (engine bay, driver's side kick panel) - No power coming through the factory stereo harness (I pulled the dash...
  5. starclassic

    Lost power to head unit, 12v outlets, and antenna

    So I'm driving along in my 1999 LC when [boop], I lose power to my head unit (Kenwood DDX6704S). After investigating further, I confirmed I have also lost power to the cigar outlet and 12v outlet as well. And, the radio antenna (still stock) went down and also seems to have lost power (motor...
  6. Bardiya

    Power antenna issue after Head unit upgrade

    My power antenna works perfectly fine when the car is in ACC position and retracts completely when the head unit is switched off as it should, but when I start the car the antenna goes down to the lowest point without retracting completely and doesn’t go up when I press the button on the dash. I...
  7. coxinha

    For Sale  [NY] Scion Head Unit T1808 (+ all parts for install)

    Bought all necessary parts in 2 months ago to replace my LX's original head unit with the Scion T1808, but haven't had time to do it, and would just rather sell everything to someone else who wants to do it now. Here is the main thread with all information: Definitive Scion HU into LX 450 setup...
  8. M

    Help me decide which 100 series...Please

    Here’s my dilemma... My perfect LC/LX wasn’t made at the factory ;) or at least not available CONUS from what I’ve read. Heres some things I’d like: Apple CarPlay Head Unit Rear AC 5 speed transmission? ATRAC or locking rear diff How big of an improvement is the 5 speed vs 4 speed? How big...
  9. CBeckFJ

    1998-2002 Head Unit replacement

    Hello Mud! I just recently picked up a 1999 100 series, and I am planning on replacing the head unit with a aftermarket one from Pioneer with Android Auto, Nav, and a backup camera. Does anyone know of any specific models that would fit our cruisers? THanks!
  10. Budvar

    For Sale  FJZ80 Stereo Head Unit, OEM

    replaced the cassette/CD/radio in my ‘97 80 Series (with a touch screen with Apple play, backup camera). Everything worked including the dimmable backlights, fade, balance etc. $65 plus shipping. Located outside of Boston, MA OEM Head Unit FZJ80 front view by Budvar posted Feb 11, 2018 at...
  11. John Young

    ashtray USB ports for new JVC head unit

    Hi all, I've been in the midst of the install of a 2 DIN head unit with Android Auto (!) to replace a Sony I originally installed on my 2001 Gulf Spec LC and the same unit again on my 1998 tan LC 'Dhanno'. I've been fooling with various places to install the very necessary USB port. Android...
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