1. K

    For Sale  1HDT, A442F + LC80 conversion parts! ASAP ($10K OBO)

    I bought an 89, 1HD-T and A442F trans w/ Xfercase from a guy on IH8MUD about a year ago. My business is growing, and I no longer have time to do the project. For Sale - Fully refreshed 1HDT, A442F + LC80 conversion parts You can read the description there with videos and pictures. I also...
  2. MauricioR

    Clutch - Hard to push

    Hi guys, My clutch is too hard to push. This is happening since I bought the car (80 series / 1HDT) (almost 1 year ago). I though that it was a matter of rebuilding the Clutch, so I took down the transmission and took the clutch to the Shop. I took some pictures about this. The Flywheel...
  3. Sacho

    Help. Hdt Hdj80

    Guys i need some help with this issue? Problem? Danger to my ride? The air filter pipe is moised with oil? Diesel? It's a hd-t 1992 any suggestions will be really apreciated i will post photos of my cruiser when i finish it. Thank you
  4. joekatana

    For Sale  Parting out 1991 HDJ80 (no engine or trans)

    I am parting out a 1991 HDJ80,engine and transmission are already spoken for and a few small things also,the rest is available. Rear FF ,grey interior with manual cloth VX seats only 2 fronts and middle row. Let me know what you need
  5. mtntoys

    For Sale  HZ/HD/FJ80 Copper/Brass CSF Radiator

    ****SOLD**** I have 2 CSF 2709 radiators for sale. One is new in box but the neck the cap goes onto is slightly pushed down into the top tank. The other one was in my cruiser for 10k miles. I swapped it for a high performance radiator to handle my turbo setup. It works fine. These will fit...
  6. MauricioR

    HDJ80/1HDT 3 Inches Exhaust / Magnaflow

    Hey guys, I installed a 3inch muffler on my HDJ80 past weekend, and well here are some pros and cons that I found... Pros: 1- More Power, when accelerating the car just accelerates beastly. 2- More torque, when going uphill, it has more torque to stay on a High gear. 3- The sound... It is...
  7. DaneDK

    HDJ80 belt screeching

    On my 1HD-FT the alternator/water pump belts keep squealing once and a while. I have replaced them with new Continental from same production batch - In other words they are not paired from Toyota, but are of the same production lot at Continental. The belts are tightened quite according to...
  8. chrisspaulding

    For Sale  1991 LHD HDJ80 $18,500 (Greensboro, NC)

    1991 HDJ80 Turbo Diesel Land Cruiser. Left Hand Drive, 1HD-T 6 cylinder turbo diesel motor, 5 speed manual transmission, full time 4 wheel drive. 354,832 kilometers (220,483 miles). Power window and locks, air conditioning, power sunroof, third row seats. NO locking differentials. Runs and...
  9. varenc

    HDJ80 diesel fuel cap part #?

    Trying to find the OEM diesel fuel cap for the 80 series. I don't actually have an HDJ80, but my fzj80 has been swapped to a 1HD-T so I definitely want a cap that says "diesel" loud and clear on it. Got an off-brand cap coming in the mail for now, but would eventually like to find the real OEM...
  10. MauricioR

    Eye burning smoke - HD80t

    Hola amigos, So, I have a concern, my hdj80 96 is smoking lot of white/blue smoke when I pull out on 1st, but it stops if I keep the revs. If I stay behind the car, the smoke burns my eyes, so clarly is just diesel that is not being burned. I recently took the injectors into the shop to leave...
  11. AussieHJCruza

    For Sale  (NSW, Australia) 11/92 HDJ80, Gturbo, upgrade clutch, fuel pump, custom airbox, snorkel etc

    For sale: $23000 AUD ONO It is with a heavy heart that I am advertising my 11/92 build MY93 RHD australian market HDJ80 for sale. This was/is the dream truck and the money spent on it I believe reflects that. However, due to sickness in the family I have relocated interstate, no longer have a...
  12. MauricioR

    Is this Oil fine for my HDJ80?

    Hello team, I have been researching a lot about the correct Oil for the 1HD-T engine. Initially the car was using Valvoline full synthetic 15w40 oil. I changed it to Phillips 66 15w40 semi synthetic oil, and felt like a little difference on the behavior of the car when I accelerated. Like a...
  13. M

    Problems with my HDJ80...

    New member but I've been dropping by for a couple of years reading up on things now and then. My HDJ80 been sitting for a month or two now, for some part because I mainly ride my motorcycles during the part of the year when there is no snow on the ground, but mainly because I had an incident...
  14. Malahki

    HDJ81 - HP Diesel Series 2 Intercooler Install & Review

    I recently purchased and installed the HP Diesel series 2 intercooler (from Austrailia) into my 1991 HDJ81 (JDM spec). I decided to do a thread to share my results and add some additional pics and info on intallation not detailed in the instruction manual. Their is a couple slight differences...
  15. Echelon

    BEB and oil pressure

    I just replaced the BEB's on my 1hdt with 160k klm. There were several with small pitting. #2 top was the worst. My oil gauge had been reading low since I got it but I figured it was just a faulty sender. Fired it up and found my oil pressure had improved. Before my reading at idle was almost...
  16. N

    For Sale  1991 HDJ

    PRICE CHANGE !! $13,000 USD Vehicle is in excellent condition, has been methodically maintained. No leaks, no rust, interior is very clean and only has 200,000 kms. The timing belt, front bearings, big end bearings where just recently done. Automatic. Ironman suspensions is basically brand...
  17. Stiwi


    Hola desde España, no estoy acostumbrado a andar por los foros, si hago algo mal lo siento. Aquí os dejo unas fotos de mi coche que estoy construyendo, haber si le notáis algo diferente a los demás 80. Un saludo a todos
  18. S

    3d model

    Hello, I want to start a complete rebuild of an HDJ80. Does anybody have a 3d scan/model from the HDJ80 chassis? Even better when engine is included in the drawing! Best regards Sjoerd
  19. Dim130

    Selling my HDJ80 (EU) in US after Pan-American overland expedition?

    Hi, I'm preparing a Pan American roadtrip in 2017 and I am considering to buy and prepare a HDJ80 here (Belgium, that is) and sell it in the US or Canada when the trip is over. This might save me the cargo trip coming back, and I've picked up on some fora that an HDJ80 might be worth some money...
  20. S

    Turn Signal / Combination Switch replacement

    I need help on a combination switch problem from RHD to LHD well here it goes, I got a HDJ81V-RNPEX 1HDT RHD converted to LHD. The part number for the turn/combination switch assembly with cruise control is 84310-6A080 which the left lever would be the wiper control and the headlight would be...
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