1. FJAK

    Dome lights and clock completely inop

    Any ideas? Dome lights don’t work in any position, even with any door open. Clock inop as well. Fuse is fine. Bulbs are fine. Relay? Control module? Room Lamp Control Module aka Ignition Key Cylinder Light Relay (85965-60010)? Any other ideas?
  2. C

    FZJ80 or HDJ80...

    Hi everyone, I am an owner of 1997 Lexus LX450 - 3x locked, 140k miles, bone stock, clean body w little surface rust on rear tailgate, above the windshield, and underbody, clean for being in Canada- and I am seeking your expertise today. I have recently been looking closely at diesel 80 series...
  3. 98TLCnoob

    Pre-obd2 Electric gauge unit options (91 HDJ80)

    Hi, Everyone. I recently acquired a best of 80 series, HDJ80. Since it's turbo'ed, I want to have 4 different readings as I drive down the road: 1. EGT 2. Oil Temp 3. Boost 4. Coolant Temp I know it would be a cakewalk to add gauges that reads from the OBD2 port (such as Scan gauge) ONLY if...
  4. WildSouth

    80 Series Adventure Rig Build!

    80 Series Adventure Rig Build! Well, after selling my 100 Series (see my other build thread) a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted a return to the Cruiser Life. Here in New Zealand, a lot of our back-country areas are laden with braided river beds, deep river crossing, and large...
  5. TurboDennis

    Builds  "The Cucumber" build. Ultimate 80-series. 1HD-FT, H152F, PTO and just about every other cool option

    A lot of you have been asking me to post some details on my build, so here i go. I also wanted to start this thread to keep track of all the things im doing to the truck and help motivate me to see the project through. And i will try to provide write ups of the unique mods for future reference...
  6. MauricioR

    Builds  Toyota '96 HDJ80 - Cummins 6BT conversion

    Hi Mudders, Some of you guys know me from my previous posts: Rebuilt 1HD-T engine blowby when hot 1HDT Camshaft problem Smoky 1HDT - Injection related After a lot of headaches and tons of money I gave up on the 1HDT, looks like the engine is cursed or something. Last time I replaced almost...
  7. TheMU

    SOLD  80 Series Compass/Altimeter/Sub Tank Console

    Tan. Console only. Does not come with Compass/Altimeter/Sub Tank Display. $100 OBO. Overhead Compass/Altimeter/Sub Tank Console by TheMU posted Dec 18, 2018 at 9:01 AM Overhead Compass/Altimeter/Sub Tank Console by TheMU posted Dec 18, 2018 at 9:01 AM
  8. HoJo 61

    Growing the family -> HDJ80 VX

    Hello people! Some of you may know me from 60-series chat, but for those who do not, i'm Mikko (Mike) from Finland, and i'm addicted to Cruisers, this latest addition is my 3rd. And i have no intention to stop hoarding for more. Feel free to heck out my other Cruisers, links to the build threads...
  9. Guloffroad

    Rancho RS9000 +4" for Toyota LC J8

    Hello, thank you for your excellence forum. I´m writing from Europe, Spain. We're looking for Rancho RS9000XL +4" for Toyota LC HDJ80 4.2D. In the catalogue of Rancho, we cannot find this shocks, and I want to know if anybody in this forum has mount RS9000 +4". Do you have the correct...
  10. Willis

    For Sale  FZJ80 FJ80 Brand New in Box 4" Slee Springs

    Purchased for a project but never got around to using them. They are brand new in box, in fact the rear springs haven't even been opened. SOF4FM SOF4RM They are 4" front and rear. Retail is $240 a pair plus shipping from Sale, looking for $400 shipped. Text, call or DM 5414200049 Thanks!
  11. Ghostrider I

    Part #'s request.

    I am thinking about upgrading to a Mean Green alternator and starter. Anyone on here have the part numbers for the starter and alternator for a 1HD-T engine with a five speed manual and air con?
  12. Ghostrider I

    Light bar question.

    In time I am going to have four round Hellas on a light bar in front of a basket. However, what do y'all recommend to use for a light bar? I was thinking about using a Thule loadbar, but how would I bolt the lights down? Do I incorporate longer bolts? In addition, what about the wiring? Inside...
  13. Bilal

    Drivetrain help - Slow vehicle - 80 Series - 1HDT

    Hello team, This is my first time posting here on the forum, although I have been reading them for over 3 years now. I have some issues which I am trying to figure out for sometime now and I don't know the exact culprit, partly because I am quite illiterate when it comes to vehicles. BTW I am...
  14. Munsta

    No CDL or ABS lights

    No CDL light or ABS light in L range Hi all I just bought this beautiful restored 93 HDJ80R Sahara with the 1HDT engine. It's full time AWD but hasn't been in L for about 5 years. It has ABS brakes and no CDL switch. When I turn the ignition on I got no CDL or ABS lights on the dash at all...
  15. Ghostrider I

    Clarification and a few questions.

    I have an HDJ 80 with the 4.2 I6 turbodiesel 1HDT with a five speed. It is my understanding that this engine uses both batteries for start then reverts back to one for the rest of the electrical, correct? Here are my questions.... How does the second battery remained charged, is the...
  16. Ghostrider I

    Advice needed, re tire and wheel

    I am in the process of sorting out my HDJ-80 to outfit for a beach/off road and street driver. Yes, I know that is quite a combination of things, but I want to be able to get to the beach and trails with reasonable comfort and performance. I plan on doing the creature comforts- i.e. audio and...
  17. Ghostrider I

    FJ 80 Wheels on a '91HDJ 80

    Just like the header says. Will they fit? I am looking at a set of replicas off of Jet (?) Here are the specs... Product Specific Details: Size: 17x7.5 - Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7mm - Offset: 14mm - Center Bore: 106mm. Next question, where do I get the lugs if they do fit? Dealer? I have 17"...
  18. TurboDennis

    For Sale  1991 HDJ81 VX Limited. Triple locks, ARB, Lifted, Importable to US, Toronto, Canada.

    Engine/Tranny/Tcase SOLD pending funds. The rest of the truck will be parted out and posted a bit later in appropriate section. 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser VX 297k KM (184k miles). 1HD-T engine, Auto tranny. HDJ81 Located in Toronto area, Ontario. (150km from Buffalo, NY). Production date is...
  19. 100 series

    For Sale  RHD 80 Series Clear Headlight/Taillight Set

    I'm selling a complete set of clear RHD 80 series head and tail light set. They were on my 90 HDJ81 when I purchased it and i'm pretty sure they had just been recently installed my the PO as they look in very good condition. I swapped them out for OEM head lights and taillights. These are for...
  20. Dim130

    SOLD  1992 HDJ80 LHD Fully overland prepped

    ***SOLD*** Hi, My wife and I have been on a PanAmerican overland adventure as our honeymoon for the past 9 months starting in Urugay and travelling North. We plan to end our adventure by the end of September in the US and we'll sell our HDJ80 there. The full description (including lots of high...
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