harmonic balancer

  1. Carlos Borges

    1982 FJ40 2f motor timing cover seal leakage, Harmonic Balancer

    Guys. I found a leakage at the timing cover front seal and when I pulled the crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) it look excessive worn down to me, and I think this is the cause of the leakage. What do you guys recommend me to do? Have someone used the speedy sleeve from SOR? Its better to...
  2. F

    Harmonic Balance Install - Key falls out - Help please

    1996 Land Cruiser - 4 hours of trying to put the harmonic balancer back on the cam and the little half circle lock key keeps popping out of groove in cam shaft. What is the secret?? I have to be on the 50th attempt - I am soooooo frustrated. I have the key slot positioned on the very top. I...
  3. PanchoLedezma

    80's People this one caught me off Guard... this is what i found VIDEO

    While figuring out a knocking sound this is what i found: The harmonic balancer has a little wobble and a particular sound, i dont' have a lot of knowledge and this one escapes my hands. Your thoughts will be appreciated greatly.
  4. Captdone

    Oil explosion in engine compartment...What the H&@¥!

    Driving down the highway in my DD, a 94 FZJ80 (rebuilt engine 3 years ago) when my oil pressure suddenly drops and the oil light comes on. I get off the next exit and pull into a gas station. When I open the hood, oil is everywhere and looking under the engine I can't pinpoint the source because...
  5. Tighe

    Crank pulley / harmonic balancer has a slight wobble and oil leak - 84 fj60

    Hi all, I recently noticed a pretty sizable oil leak coming from the front of the engine, at the harmonic balancer, which also seems to have a little wobble to it. No noise associated with it and the wobble is not bad, but I'd like to take care of it. From everything I've read there seems to be...
  6. mwebfj60

    PSA: Harmonic Balancer

    Changing Oil...check that the crank nut is still there Changing Belts...check for harmonic balancer wobble and check crank nut I noticed recently my crank nut was MIA, noticed even more recently that my HB was wobbly. I happened to get lucky and catch it in time. Hard to believe the crank nut...
  7. Rusty 72

    installing harmonic balancer

    Talked with the machine shop that's rebuilding the F.5. He asked about installing the balancer. On my searching here all I could find was everyone uses a big hammer to install. He will not beat it on. Where can I look for a balancer install tool?
  8. Advrider639

    For Sale  BNIB 2f Powerbond Harmonic Balancer

    P/n: PB1053N Ended up with an extra one from the auto parts store. I paid $300. $250 + shipping.
  9. SteveH

    For Sale  (CO) '83 Harmonic Balancer - 3 row

    Described here: For Sale - Washer bottle, rear htr, harm. balancer, visor - lower $$ Steve Colorado Springs
  10. CuCruiser

    For Sale  46MM Socket Williams SOLD

    Due to an ebay bidding error I ended up with two 46mm sockets. This is the size for the harmonic balancer/crank nut on the F/2F/?F etc. $20 takes it, that's less than what I paid. It's new old stock in the box. Nice made in USA tool. 3/4" drive.
  11. Swompdog

    Wanted  Crank pulley

    Looking for a push on single groove crank pulley for a 1964 Fj40
  12. Bambusiero

    A Low Cost 300 ft-lb Torque Wrench - DIY Shop-Built

    Here is a low cost 300 ft-lb DIY shop-built torque wrench - to handle re-installation of that big 30mm 304 ft-lb harmonic balancer - crankshaft bolt. This is needed when you replace the front main seal and / or the oil pump cover plate o-ring, which are common oil leaks at the front of the...
  13. TYOTA


    I am looking to replace my harmonic balancer. I usually go with Toyota parts but am having trouble finding an OEM. I was wondering if any one could point me to a new OEM or had any exp with any of the many after market brands? thanks.
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