1. mrjordann

    Wanted 1F crank start handle

    Anybody have a crank start handle for an FJ40? The one that you stick in your crankshaft pulley nut to start the engine if the battery is dead. Thanks.
  2. eagleeyes170

    Lift gate handle

    Hi everyone. I have replaced my rusty lift gate handle with a new one (part number 69090-60020), and I am waiting for the plastic cover to arrive. I had to remove the plastic trim on the interior of the lift gate, and disassemble the mechanism (the metal posts and such). Now that I have put...
  3. SteveH

    For Sale FZJ80 lower hatch handle

    Clean and unbroken, with screw. From a 1993 truck. $15 + shipping from 80908 (padded envelope). Steve
  4. J

    Wanted Heater Clip / Jack Handle

    I'm in search of the following for 5/1977 FJ40: 1 rear heater clip (see picture) Yellow jack handle Thanks Jeff
  5. N

    For Sale Misc FJ60 odd n ends switches Handle etc

    A small box of leftoves, O Sh* handle, bulb sockets, a bunch of bulbs, rear tail gate part, switches $10 plus economical shipping to you
  6. scrapdaddy

    Door Handle Gear

    Help me out, who did the write up on fixing the wallowed out door gear. I have a couple that needs some love and was wanting to play with a fix. Thinking NicP, but can't remember. Thanks, Ron
  7. wngrog

    For Sale FJ40 Ebrake Handle

    $ 25 shipped
  8. thewall151

    Wanted New FJ60 left door handle

    Looking for a new left FJ60 door handle for my cruiser please.
  9. Wayne

    Necessary handle length for a 3/4" breaker bar

    It's time to replace the oil pump cover gasket and front crank seal again. What length breaker bar in needed? I'm looking at the one linked below. Neiko 00207B 3/4 in. Drive x 24 in. Premium Breaker Bar - Socket Wrenches - Amazon.com
  10. C

    does anyone know how much weight a 100 series roof can handle ?

    if I were to attach a roof top tent could it handle a 4 man tent?
  11. canman

    Boston Dynamics -Introducing Handle

    Very impressive.
  12. gmac

    '82 Door Handle Mechanism rubs door panel from inside

    I have a 1982 FJ45 Troopy, and recently replaced both, the door latch mechanism and the door handles. On both sides the door handle mechanism rubs against the door (right where the door handle bolts to the latch mechanism, to the point where the door handle does not go back down on it own (and...
  13. A

    Do You Use the Original Jack?

    I've got a '92 that I am gradually getting roadworthy and it's time to deal with the tires. I went to drop the spare the other day and discovered that I have the OEM bottle jack, but no jack handle or extensions. I don't like the idea of the little bottle jack with its contact surface that's...
  14. mmcinnis

    Wanted Soft door handle

    Need 1 oem complete soft door handle. thanks Mike
  15. mmcinnis

    Wanted Door handle

    Need 1 soft top complete door handle. thanks Mike
  16. roma042987

    For Sale 9/77 fj40 parking brake lever pull handle

    great shape 35 plus shipping
  17. LXCRSR

    For Sale New OEM FJ55 Tailgate Handle

    SOLD. I have a new OEM tailgate handle for sale. It has never been mounted. Sorry, but I do not have a gasket for it. Please PM me with your offer.
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