1. mwebfj60

    For Sale  H42 Transmission SoCal, $200

    Came out of my 83 60. 296,000 on the clock. Shifts great and didn't make any odd noises. Gear Oil looked clean with some sparkles and a tiny bit of debris on the magnet. Not sure if it was ever rebuilt or if it's the original. I put 60,000 miles on it and changed the oil twice. Prefer local...
  2. OverLand Cruisers

    Wanted  H42 with 3 speed tailshaft

    Looking for an H42 to go into a 40 with a 3 speed T/C. Rebuilt or NOS with the addition of a 3 speed tailshaft. Thanks!
  3. C

    H42 input shaft

    I have an h42 out of a bj 40 with the 21 spine input shaft, I'm wondering if I can change it to work with my ls clutch kit with 10 spine clutch disk, my cruiser originally came with a 3 speed and I was wondering if I could use the input shaft out of that in place of the the one in my h42
  4. T

    Parting Out  SOLD

  5. toyotalandfj40

    For Sale  H42 and split TC $500 SoCal

    Swapping a four-speed for my five-speed. Selling the old transmission and transfercase. Swapped the transfercase for an fj60 onto this one, and it will need new gaskets. Transmission worked amazingly, and the clearances for thrust washers and seals were within margin. This will fit fj60...
  6. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  SOLD - 1985 H42 and Split case xfer w/ all linkages (PA)

    H42 & split case w/ all linkages and shifters from a FJ60. Transmission shifter even has inner and outer boots in good shape. $500. I strongly prefer local pickup and will even drive a bit to help out. If shipping, then you need to be prepared to be patient as I build a crate and get it...
  7. dkyuss

    H42 Tranny 2nd 3rd gear thrust clearance tightening

    So as per title my third gear clearance is beyond the limit, I believe the splined hub on the end of the transmission output shaft (side that mates with input shaft via needle roller bearings) is shifting behind the snap ring. Would love to confirm that installing a larger snap ring will...
  8. tlin

    H42/H55F - part-time 4WD?

    80's guy here/3FE ('92) thinking thru some options I might plunk down some $$ against next year. A manual transmission is on the list for consideration......:meh: Reading/researching - this (quoted below) caught my eye - does this really mean that these manual transmissions allow for shifting...
  9. eightydeucer

    For Sale  FJ60 H41 4spd transmission/transfer case

    I have a non-rebuilt separated H42 and transfer case in working order with approximately 156K on each. Never rebuilt, just taken apart from each other and has been sitting ever since. It's time to let them go! They have just been sitting in my garage for a few years now. I'm asking $400.00 For...
  10. dkyuss

    Finally Bought my first CRUISER!

    Well guys, Thanks in advance. I have learned so much here already! I have been drooling over these things for years (40's and 60's) and about a month ago I finally bit the bullet and picked up a relatively cheap 81 BJ60, drove 200kms home and parked it has been ever since. First some initial...
  11. GRM

    Builds  Project Beach Cruiser | The 1971 FJ40 Patina RestoMod

    Project Beach Cruiser | The 1971 FJ40 Patina RestoMod I have always enjoyed driving from my house in Irvine down to Newport Beach for Saturday morning coffee. I usually drive my old '86 Toyota, but it doesn't seem to fit. I want a convertible classic. Since I'm a huge Toyota guy, the only...
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