1. Trail Boss Tom

    For Sale 4 OEM GX Wheels Really Nice + Mint 5th (spare) w/ 4 caps In Sandy, UT

    Hey Everyone, I have 4 Very Nice OEM 17" GX wheels with nice Caps for all 4 + 1 Mint OEM spare wheel to go along with it! I'm asking $75 but negotiable! I prefer local pickup & willing to drive to meet as far as 50 miles! Otherwise I can ship but I'll need a quote first!
  2. Jellwood

    For Sale 2005 Lexus GX470 - Oklahoma City

    FOR SALE: Modified 2005 Lexus GX470 Asking $22,000 150,000 Miles (daily driver so miles will go up) Located in Midtown, Oklahoma City This vehicle has been very well taken care of. I am the second owner, it was originally owned by a suburban soccer mom and serviced at the Lexus dealership...
  3. Z

    For Sale 2005 Gray GX 470 103,XXX miles

    This has been a great car for me. Looking to move to a 100 series Land Cruiser here soon. 2005 GX470 103,XX Miles. This car has just been a daily commuter for me with mostly highway miles. I've never had any major issues with it, and just put brand new brakes on it as well as did the timing...
  4. SCUpstate

    For Sale 2010 GX 460 For Sale- Upstate SC

    I wanted my first post to be the announcement of my NEW to me LC/LX. Unfortunately I must get rid of a vehicle to get one. Pictures of the vehicle can be seen on Autotrader and Craigslist, respectively. I've been following for close to 6 months, this site is light years ahead of other forums...
  5. T

    For Sale Blue 2003 Lexus GX470 142k miles (Atlanta GA)

    We are the 2nd owners,we bought it from the original owners. It has been regularly maintained and serviced by Lexus. Blue Outside Dark Grey Leather inside Third Row Seats No Nav/Touch Screen New Tires and Rims- 2015 4runner Limited TakeOff's New Brakes,2 new CV Axles and tune up It has...
  6. schradec

    Looking for some GX opinions

    So short and sweet of it...I am looking at two GX 470s. Both are white, both have great service history. GX #1 is a 2007 w/ KDSS, ML stereo, Bluetooth. 128,000 mi on it. Has a little oil seepage from the oil pan area it looked like? Other than that its perfect. Interior is in good shape...
  7. R

    FJ Wheels + 285/70/r17's?

    Hi all, Been studying all your posts for the past 10 months and finally am building out my 2007 GX. Last fall I had Cruiser Outfitters in SLC put a 2.5" OME lift on the rig when the airbags busted. At the same time I put on 265/17/r17s on my stock lexus wheels. Now that I'm building out...
  8. Brake Weight

    Another help with GX lift thread

    I've got an '06 GX470 and it's time to do a little light modding. I'm wanting to ditch the airbag rear suspension and it's due for a set of tires. So I figured it's a 'two birds with one stone' type deal. I'd like to be as low key/sleeper/not flashy as possible since it'll be a multi purpose...
  9. mossler

    Wanted 2005+ GX 470 with KDSS

    Canadian looking for US vehicle, preferably from outside the "Rust Belt". Obviously rust free, no accidents, normal wear and well maintained service history. Budget of 13-16K USD Thanks in advance for any leads or offers to sell.
  10. torpedo51

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 GX for sale - dry, no rust, almost there

    Photos and listing on Craigslist Los Angeles: FJ62 Studio City 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser GX FJ62 Landcruiser FJ 62 208k miles. Starts and runs great, gets factory mpg (10-12) drives in a straight line, brakes are decent, everything works properly, dash isn't cracked. It seems like a good...
  11. marCOCOpuffs

    School me on the GX 460

    So I sold my 5th gen 4Runner Trail to get more seating and a bigger engine. I've decided to go with a GX460.1 (2010-2013). Could someone school me on the different suspension options (base vs premium)? Is there adjustable height control for all 4 corners as in the LX? Or is it just the rear as...
  12. txnight

    SOLD GX 470 wheels and tires

    *SOLD* For sale is a set of four from my 2004 gx470. Two of the four rims have paint bubbles near the center. Other two rims are great. Michelin's have 22k miles but are 6 years year old so each tire has dry cracking. Caps, lugs, wheel locks included. Pricing them cheap enough to help...
  13. V

    2016 GX additional gas tank

    I would like to install an additional gas tank in the same location where the spare tire was. Contacted LR in Australia and they said no. Not for the US version. Anybody knows someone that makes something that would fit ? Looking at 15 gallons additional. Thank you
  14. S

    100 series to GX???

    Thinking of making the switch from a 2000 LC to a gx 470/460. Love our 100 series just dont need that big of car anymore.. And i Like the way gx's look. does a comparably equipped gx get better mpg? to VVTI or not, reliability issues with non vvti vs vvti?
  15. N

    4x4 Labs GX bumper

    Today I stopped by at 4x4 labs after picking up my 100 at Dissent Bumpers. Ben installed his sought after bumper, my snorkel and also sliders. Luke said that he already has a rear bumper for the GX that will start production so curios how it looked like. Well after going to his shop, I ended up...
  16. J

    New GX (East Coaster)

    New to the forum and new to the GX world, but a long time lucker. I live in Brooklyn and spend most of my time in the northeast (Surf casting in Capecod, skiing in VT, coast of Maine). My primary money pit is a '07 porchse 997 turbo but I was getting restless during the winter months / crappy...
  17. onepremiere

    So-Many-Questions, 17 GX 460

    First! Hello, I am Jeff. This is my first post. I've been modifying anything with wheels for about 12 years now and it just keeps getting worse. I recently departed with my 2016 Tacoma mainly because I am 6'2" and I was never comfortable in it. I am now on the hunt for something bigger. Prior to...
  18. Lc80series

    RTT mounted to GX470. Opinions? Pictures please

    Been researching for a while. Hard shell and soft cover tents both have pros and cons... Hard shell pros - ease of setup/take down, more aerodynamic on my DD, durable, and look great. Cons - steep price, smaller interior, and it will basically take up my entire roof rack. Soft shell pros - less...
  19. tampacruiser95

    Advice on purchasing GX470

    I have been doing my research on the GX. I found a couple good prospects. One is an 08 with 52K miles and the other an 07 with 117K miles. I checked the service history of both vehicles - both serviced at Lexus. My dilemma is the 08 has had battery replaced 3 times already, so I am worried...
  20. Bluetribal

    GX Windshield Replacement

    Browsed through several pages in a search on windshield replacement and I guess the 120 doesn't have an issue with the seal like the 80series does. Last weekend in Baja noticed not one but a double crack in the lower portion of my windshield and this thing is moving across fast. Want to hear...
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