1. ColdWaterSteve

    For Sale SOLD 8 THULE 387 rack feet (gutter mount) with 8 keyed alike locks

    I bought this rack set up with the intention of getting an 80 series. I ended up with a 100 series (love the V-8). These are for rain gutters. New in original packages. THULE 387 high foot - 8 units (4 bars) with 8 keyed alike locks. Build a solid base for lights, tents, expedition trays... Best...
  2. aviafx

    Rain Gutter Sealant...E6000 Self-Leveling?

    Hey all, Re-sealing the rain gutters on my 60 series this weekend. I've already used a heat gun/chisel/picks to get the old sealant out, and coated the gutters with primer and paint. I tried unsucessfully to use 3M 5200 on them but it turned into a goopy mess, so I'm starting over. I was...
  3. riffman12

    Gutter Trim

    Does anyone have a picture of what the rain gutters on an 80 look like without the plastic trim? Is it easy to get off? Do I just sort of yank it off? Is there any drawback to doing it? My Baja rack sort of crushed them anyway.
  4. masonbarnard

    For Sale Gutter trim, Fj60. Local pick up only.

    I have gutter trim in relatively good condition. one or two pieces are missing, that's why i took it off. Maybe you can complete the set. i don't know what pieces are missing, i think its the passenger side pillar. Sold my car and forgot to include. free. local pick up only.
  5. 4xFletch

    Wanted Gutter mount roof rack towers

    Looking for a set of 4 used roof rack towers that mount to the rain gutter. I do not have the OEM roof rack so I would prefer the low profile style. Thanks
  6. tlin

    Roof gutter weatherstripping?

    Google got me nowhere - anyone know of a generic replacement for some of the weatherstripping that sits in our roof gutters? I've got my OEM roof rack temporarily off and didn't realize it but one flew out of the gutter on a short trip. GRRRRR I know, exciting post.......
  7. P

    For Sale Rain gutter sealer

    Hi, I have two tubes Evercoat self leveling seam sealer (blue colored two part stuff) still sealed in bags, 1 can 2k primer (spray) never used, 1 can 2k clear (spray) never used, one can (spray) precleaner, and one mixed spray of Toyota color 155 (metallic gray). Sold my 88 fj62 before I could...
  8. J

    Fabricating Rain Gutter Clamps

    Buying rain gutter clamps doesn't make any sense for me. The cost to ship them to my location will be 100-200% of the cost of the clamps themselves. So I want to get a local welder to make some for me. Any advice on doing this? Anybody have any plans they'd care to share? I'm going to be...
  9. Wes

    Rear Rain Gutter Cushions

    The EPC shows that there are two rain gutter cushions for the rear of the hardtop (part number 63118-90300). I am familiar with the one in the front to protect the hood when it is folded back, but what are the rear ones for? Was this for Cruisers with lift gates? It appears they were original to...
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