1. ItsBavid

    Time to vent (Solved and completed!)

    Because of vent...ilation. I love my 80. I HATE how every single job, even tiny ones, are way harder than they should be. I'm doing the PCV replacement and the damn grommet is harder than diamonds. I'm flipping off those guys that said it took them ten minutes. You know who you are. I got angry...
  2. 82FJ40EVV

    For Sale  FJ55 turn signal plastic pedestal base & grommet 1975-1980 (reproduction parts)

    I built these for another member on the forum and ran a few extras in an attempt to recover some of my costs. You can take OEM FJ40 turn signals and converted them to FJ55 turn signals with this part. Doing so requires you to disassemble your old lights and reuse the factory bolt. The factory...
  3. 82FJ40EVV

    For Sale  FJ55 turn signal grommets for OEM plastic pedestal base 1975-1980

    FJ55 turn signal grommets for OEM plastic pedestal base 1975-1980 A Mud member asked me to make a custom set of these for his FJ55 so I printed a few additional sets if anyone is interested. These are 3d printed parts made out of TPU, a rubber like product. These will only fit the OEM plastic...
  4. 82FJ40EVV

    For Sale  FJ40 turn signal grommet / pedestal base 1975-1984

    These are 3d printed parts made out of TPU, a rubber like product. This listing is for a pair of pedestal gaskets (grommets only). Members asked me produce another run of these parts. I have a few sets left. Everyone seems happy with the end result and it is exciting for me to see my parts on...
  5. sunrk

    Source for round rubber grommet thing for battery box cable holes

    Can anyone tell me where to find these rubber grommet things for the circular openings in the Toyota battery trays? pic page Neither my main one (shown here) or the aux one which both have two of these holes appear to have come with the rubber grommets and I haven't seen a reference to them...
  6. J

    Wanted  Wiper Linkage and/or Plastic Retainer

    I am looking for the long wiper linkage and the two plastic retainers that go with it (picture #1) or one plastic retainer (only need 1 round plastic retainer shown in picture #2 and I would repair my existing long wiper linkage) Jeff
  7. Spaceballs

    Wanted  Antenna Beauty Ring and Grommet

    Hello, I am looking for the grommet and beauty ring that holds the antenna in place on the fender. I recently purchased the 2 in 1 cb antenna plus adapter kit that requires the OME grommet. PO had an aftermarket setup that will not work. Any leads would also be appreciated, this is the last...
  8. ZeGerman

    What kind of grommet do you use for wires going to roof rack?

    While I have my interior ripped out, I thought it would be a good time to run all sorts of wires preemptively for all the doodads I may or may not want in the future. One of those things is to run wires through the top for aux lighting etc for the future roof rack. What kins of grommet or other...
  9. ibis1969

    Early FJ60 Hub Caps / Front Door Jamb grommet

    Looking for IH8MUD collective knowledge on the following: I've attached a photo of two early FJ60 OEM rear hubcaps. I believe starting in 1985 Toyota used black caps on the rear with 'Toyota' on them. These are still available from Toyota. However, the early style rear caps are nearly...
  10. lethal1

    Wanted  100 Series Rubber Boot for DS Front Door

    I had to fix my intermittent window issue and in the process my buddy cut the rubber boot to hell. Looking to buy one or if someone knows the PN that would be great too. Thanks!! 1999 Lexus LX470
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