1. 69LC

    Son to be future veteran

    I've posted a bit in the airplane chat thread and fumbled around in the Welcome to the Vet's Hwy, but now I've sat though to actually post where I should... I've been various forms of Air Force for 15 years. 15 years ago my nearly 3 yr old son was in the back of the Lansing MEPS ceremony room...
  2. landcrusher909

    Future Meeting

    Hello all, here in Yucaipa we have a new local brewery called " Brewcaipa " The owner Scott is a 40 series owner and we have spoken about have a Toyota night in the future. I wanted to share this and see how you would all feel about a meet an greet once the business is settled ? They also serve...
  3. LongDuck

    Future Club HAMster's, unite! HAM Test Challenge Date, APR22.

    After talking with a few club members about HAM Radio Licensing, there's a group of us that want to go for the 'Technician' license in order to lawfully use 146.460Mhz (and other frequencies in the HAM spectrum) for communications on the trail. After getting jaded on the uncontrolled traffic and...
  4. T

    Reach out and help a future brother?

    Just saw a crying shame thread in the 60 group. Dude bought himself a nice looking 60, and 130 miles later it blew the engine. Is there someone in the Phoenix metro area that can show some brotherly/sisterly love and reach out and get the 411 from the dude? I've already suggested he get in...
  5. M

    What do you envision as the future of this platform? (Biased answers expected)

    As a recent owner of a 120 I am curious as to what you expect from the future. I have been looking at 4x4 rigs for a few years and planned on buying a Wrangler and then went Tacoma. After sitting in a 470 and seeing the headroom and legroom (tall guy) I was sold. At the start of my search there...
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