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  1. BlackMammoth

    ARB Front Bumper - Remove the KDSS shield?

    So, I have this plastic shield over the KDSS / swaybar - Was it supposed to have been removed during the bumper install?
  2. jesus888

    Wanted  GA: 1995 FJZ80 OEM Front (and rear) Bumper

    I just picked up a 1995 TLC and it’s got some bumps and bruises... I’m looking for: - Front bumper: the center section and driver side extension - Rear bumper: driver side extension (is that even a separate piece??) Pictures because they tell the story better than me and y’all are smarter than...
  3. 98LXgold

    For Sale  South Central Texas near San Antonio - bumper, roof rack, grill guard

    For Sale: 100 series roof rack, $185 obo + ship or local pick up? 100 series front bumper - excellent condition (complete, lights (undamaged and working) included $650 obo - would prefer local pickup, nearby? Local delivery may possible - shipping? 100 series chrome safari style grill guard...
  4. cstraface

    For Sale  Eagle, ID: Fj40 Parts (slave cylinder, jump seat covers, brand new front bumper, etc)

    I have the following parts available: Jump Seat Covers: SOLD Unsure of the make, they were on the seat frames when I purchased them Used Slave Cylinder: $10 + ship I believe it's in good working order; it was replaced as I troubleshooted my clutch which turned out to be a bad Master...
  5. starclassic

    Wanted  100 series OEM front bumper (Aurora, IL)

    I'm looking to change my rig ('99 TLC) setup—selling my ARB front bumper w/LED bar and going back to stock. If you have an OEM bumper, I'd love to hear from you.
  6. IMG_20200127_141713.jpg


    Left: Mike Perez 2013 200 series. Right: Mr. &Mrs Diamond 2019 200 series
  7. aviafx

    ARB front bumper, question about mounting brackets

    Hey mud - How do the mounting brackets that the bumper bolts to attach to the frame? Do they use the existing OEM bumper horns as well as bolt holes on the top of the frame rail? Haven't had much luck looking for images of just the brackets mounted up. My horns are removed as I have a 4plus...
  8. 1

    TJM bent after collision

    Hi Everyone, This may be an odd question, but I just installed the TJM front bumper onto my LX470 less than two months ago and we were rear ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of us witch caused "minor" damage to the front bumper. It's not pinched anywhere but there is a slight bend to...
  9. LC200ER

    #OMW2PNW 2018 LC200 hidden winch installed

    Hey friends: I just want to share some pictures of my newly installed hidden winch mount along with a Warn XP-S 9.5. Alpha Off-road at Santa Clarita,CA helped me with the installation. Art and his buddy helped me, super friendly staff and quality work. Thumb up. Tell me what you think about...
  10. S

    2001 LX470 TJM T-13 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have enjoyed reading many of the threads already. I purchased my 2001 LX470 recently and really loving the ride. It has only 130k miles, never been off road and mechanically sound in every aspect. My desire is to over time build an overland rig to take around...
  11. surf40

    For Sale  SoCal FJ40 front bumper

    Heavy duty Specter Offroad channel iron front bumper. $50 located in Orange County. Prefer local sale.
  12. M

    Wanted  Aftermarket Front Bumper for LX470

    Looking for aftermarket winch ready front bumper for Lexus LX470, series 100 Land Cruiser. Preferably something direct bolt-on, no cutting required. Socal area is a plus, but willing to travel for a deal.
  13. Empty room

    Help me find this custom front spoiler/bumper/kit LX470

    I’ve seen this front spoiler/bumper and would like it ASAP if anyone knows how to source it. It’s not expensive at all about $200 or so and the subtle look is exactly what I want. With all y’all connections and broad membership I’m sure someone here can translate and make this happen for...
  14. dahlmaker

    Wanted  FJ62 Front Bumper Attachments

    I misplaced the two attachments that connect the front bumper to the frame and obviously need the to reattach my original bumper. I'm in LA. Please DM if you've got a pair you can part with. Thanks!!!
  15. peggyfzj80

    Wanted  Metal Tech Tube Front Bumper 80 Series (without stinger)

    I'm looking for a Metal Tech, tube style, front bumper, without the stinger. Thank you!
  16. dahlmaker

    For Sale  FJ60/FJ62 4Plus Front Bumper

    ***SOLD*** I'm selling my 4Plus front bumper that has been on my FJ62 for two years. Between a new house and new kid, I've hardly had any time to go wheelin'. Instead of selling my truck outright, I figured I'd pull back on some of the mods I made. I purchased the bumper new and bare. I rattle...
  17. peggyfzj80

    SOLD  1997 Land Cruiser front Bumper (CO,USA)

    $100 plus shipping. The bumper is in great shape. No dings or dents. A few small marks. Pictures available upon request.
  18. Anthony Angel

    Wanted  FJ80 Front Bumper Chrome Trim/Strip

    Looking to buy that chrome trim that usually goes on top of the front bumper. Mine got [stolen?]. If anyone knows where I could buy a new trim, or if they're selling theirs please let me know.
  19. AlexMoore91

    For Sale  95 FZJ80 OEM FRONT BUMPER - $140

    Original bumper - Good condition but not perfect. Just removed it when I put on an ARB Bumper. Local pickup or meet up not too far Charleston, SC, USA Let me know if you have any questions or need additional photos.
  20. a_traut_man

    SOLD  FOUND 80 Series Stock Front Bumper with End Caps

    Found Looking for a front bumper for an 80 series land cruiser in good shape preferably with brackets and end caps. Located in Oklahoma City or Austin TX area would be preferred or anyway along I-35.
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