1. B

    Changing Transmission fluid, worth it?

    Hello, I have a 2000 TLC with about 90k miles on it. As far as I am aware the fluid has never been replaced. Anyway, I know there are threads on this already but most of them are pretty dated and was curious if anyone has had experience with this more recently. I was driving up a road out of an...
  2. PanchoLedezma

    Power Steering Fluid ATF vs ATF Full Synthetic ?

    After Days in the Forum reading and looking videos of a Power Steering Flush, I came across this question, ATF or ATF Full Synth? After a flush will the mix of mineral fluid vs synthetic will cause Gunk? Or Synthetic will eat the seals... As my PS Pump is leaking and Using Standard PS Fluid...
  3. NLScooby

    Complete Transmission Flush DIY - VIDEO

    I finally pulled together the video I took while completing a complete transmission fluid flush. Most of you know the dealer's service typically consists of draining and refilling the pan only. This only introduces 3-4 clean quarts of fluid in the system. I went through 14 quarts of fluid...
  4. ariff

    Radiator flushing video

    After reading the many threads on this site about how to flush your radiator, heater cores and block I thought I'd make a quick video to help others get started on flushing theirs.. This is how I decided to do it.. Not saying it is the best way but it worked for me and hopefully others..
  5. wngrog

    Fuel Tank Flush In Vehicle

    What are some good methods of flushing out the fuel tank without removing it from the vehicle? I removed the tank from my parts Pig and it was anything but easy. In theory it is a simple job but it's not. So, I really don't want to have to pull the tank out of my current pig to "do it...
  6. 8

    FJ62 Rodney Flush - Trans pan residue

    Did a Rodney flush this weekend. Im curious if the amount of fine smutz collected on the pan magnets is normal. It's been a about 30k since the last trans service. 247k miles on the vehicle. What do you think?
  7. Leandro

    Coolant flush questions compilation

    Hi all before everybody jump to my neck, I did search the forum and read almost every post I found. having said that, I still have more questions, that were not clear enough for me. I have a LX with 188K miles on it. I need to change both radiator hoses and I thought it could be a good time to...
  8. sleepycruiser

    Coolant flush question

    I have reviewed the threads regarding coolant flushes, but I think I am overthinking what I need to do. I drained and flushed today until the water was almost clear. I have been draining from the petcock, not the block. So now I need to put concentrate coolant in. So after I drain 1.5-2...
  9. ariff

    Yet another Coolant flush Thread

    OK so I have spent most of the afternoon going over all the ways to flush the coolant system on my 80.. After getting the cruiser up and running my son and I took it out on its first Highway drive in a few years. We inherited this cruiser from a friend that had a mechanic try unsuccessfully to...
  10. E

    Power steering flush

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows any threads regarding flushing power steering fluid or if anyone can give me an overview of the process. Thanks
  11. grizzlygibbs

    Prestone Radiator Flush

    Has anyone used a radiator flush solution? I think my radiator has some sludge build up as I keep getting some very small amounts of gray residue up by my rad cap and in my reservoir. Anyway, I added this to my radiator that is partially drained since I am in the middle of my My overdue PM...
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