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  1. LaffTown

    SOLD  Misc FJ40 Parts Boulder County-Colorado

    FJ40 Rear Jump Seats out of a '78 one seat had some repair done on the frame-crappy welds, but it holds. Fabric covers - $50 OBO for the pair + shipping cost FJ40 Original Front Bumper - $20 FJ40 Original Center Console - $10 FJ40 Right side bumperette - $5
  2. alohamade

    For Sale  FJ40 Parts

    Here are parts I don't know the year or what they are called, they were extra when I bought my rig. $30 for each, If you want them all I can do it all for $100 + Shipping * note that I do live in hawaii, so shipping can be more than usual PM Me, first come first serve.
  3. SuperTrooper808

    For Sale  FJ40 hood latches

    how about $40 shipped. Excellent shape.
  4. USOffRoad


    See this...clearing it all out! For Sale - Moving Sale! FJ40 Parts Rigs - Engine - Trans
  5. 4

    For Sale  FJ40 parts

  6. 4

    For Sale  FJ40 parts

    Steering wheel $125 Clutch inspection cover $40 Radiator overflow with capSOLD , hoses and bracket $75 Headlight buckets $35 pr
  7. Rasalghul1

    For Sale  FJ40 parts for sale in San Diego

    hey everyone I've just got my hands on a good amount of FJ40 parts. Years (67-75) I'm in San Diego so if you are too it's a great deal. I'm going to put prices but I can work with anyone. just wanna move em out of the way. Contact me @: six one nine/seven seven seven/ nine one four eight...
  8. FJfoolery

    For Sale  fj40 parts in Marysville, Wa

    Wanting to sell or trade. Early front bib, sandblasted - $100. Late steering column ( wheel, collar, key and firewall mount included ) - $250. Late barn doors with glass and door latches - $100. Late front window frame, no glass but wiper motor attached, not sure if it works - $100. Would prefer...
  9. sigorama

    For Sale  The Great Green Bin Parts Sale (Part Deux) - FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 Parts

    I'm selling off a bunch of my Cruiser parts. I had listed these parts a while back and have now updated the photos and added some more items that I didn't get around to photographing. HERE IS HOW THIS WORKS... 1) Thumb through the "Links to Photos" list below and click on each link to view...
  10. USOffRoad

    FS: FJ40 Parts Rigs - Engine - Trans

    Need this stuff out of our warehouse... For Sale - Moving Sale! FJ40 Parts Rigs - Engine - Trans
  11. 77wagon

    For Sale  FJ40 parts

    OEM Non USA distributor with electronic conversion. I don't know anything about the electric conversion (someone feel free to chime in if they do-I want to say TPI 4x4 sells these) vacuume advance with octane adjuster. $70 shipped Water pump pulleys $25 shipped SOLD Lug nut wrenches (the one...
  12. 1978freebornred

    Wanted  1979 fj40 parts

    i would like the floor pans on a 79 fj40, the rear doors frame bottom and sides, floor in back, rear heater, glove box door, handle to tcase, headlight retainers, front seats that are usable cores, rear tail lights, rear frame cross member (where the tail lights mount), stock wheel please email...
  13. KY Longhunter

    For Sale  1965 FJ40 parts truck for Sale

    Parting Out - 1965 FJ40 Parting Out Hey guys need this gone. I've sold my storage building, Location: Bowling Green, KY
  14. cahoove7

    For Sale  1977 Fj40 Parts (seats, steering column, etc.)

    All parts are off of a 1977 Fj40 except the windshield. If you don't like the price, shoot me an offer. I can send more pictures if you need. Buyer pays for shipping. Drum brake parts (freshly painted)- $175 for both front and rear pairs. Rear leaf spring seat (freshly painted)- $40 pair...
  15. S

    For Sale  Free FJ40 parts and FJ80 parts...

    Free Parts (with purchase of any of my used parts): All prices do not include shipping from Irvine, CA 92604. For Free with purchase: 3rd Member (pick up only, spline on pinion and flange no good) IMG_20170220_171129.jpg Aux rear heater lines (there is a kink in one of them) (Pickup only)...
  16. peterkcc

    For Sale  Misc fj40 parts

    I've got some leftover parts from an fj40 build. Prices + cost for the ride. Tire carrier (locked up hinges) $75 2 car side door hinges $10 sold Steering stabilizer + bracket $20 Gas line shield $10 sold Defrost lines ( one of the pieces is about an inch short from a rip) $50 Center seat...
  17. Cruiser Innovations

    craigslist  Fj40 parts liquidation!

    Parts include a recently sand blasted '73 tub, sand blasted split hood, narrow OEM roll bar jumper seats (2) sets, and the list goes on! Selling cheap! Please follow this Craigslist ad link for details: Fj40 land cruiser parts liquidation These parts are for sale Locally only. No shipping...
  18. F

    Wanted  1976 fj40 parts

    Looking for a few items for a 1976 fj40 Original radio or a radio delete panel Lower rh dash pad 1 rear jump seat Thanks
  19. H

    For Sale  Various FJ40 parts

    Trying to clean out the shop and make some room. Various FJ40 parts for sale. If you don't see it ask and I may have it. Thanks
  20. T

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 for Parts

    I posted this in the Austin Clubhouse yesterday, but no bites yet...cross posting here. 1978 Parts Truck - $400 obo - there is no title, but the VIN plates are still on there (one in engine cowl is painted over) This includes whole engine / 4 speed / manifolds / fuel tank (?leak) / front and...
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