fj40 1979

  1. Cooperrh6

    SOLD  Tallahassee, FL: 1979 Toyota FJ40

    $7250 OBO A good old fashion barn find FJ40 (June 79 build). No telling if the 83k miles are accurate or not. Originally red but was painted at some point. the good: (She runs and drives!) new tires (KO2 30x10.5x15) new carb with cityracer spacer (still have the original) new gas tank new...
  2. L

    Builds  79 Rusty redemption build *PICS*

    The goal of this build is to prove that something which is probably considered way too far gone is actually able to be brought back to reasonable condition with enough time, money and effort:hillbilly::clap: As it sits as of 2/2 This picture basically sums how this is going to go: Rust and PB...
  3. vt78cruiser

    Parting Out  Baltimore: '79 & '78 FJ40

    Edited to update what’s still for sale. Also added more items. New pics also uploaded. For pictures of parts, click here. For detailed information please email me: If you message me here I can't promise how fast I'll get back to you. These prices are Mud members only. I...
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