1. sunrk

    Extended bump-stops or bump stop extensions for lifted 80

    My 80 has 3" lift (it used to have 5") but I've never done anything with the bump-stops. Are they or should they be replaced with something different, or fitted with aftermarket extensions? I have nice Icon 2.0 shocks and I believe the main purpose of bump-stops is to protect the shocks when in...
  2. X

    Wanted  front bumper extensions

    Awhile back a gentleman made some killer front bumper extensions. Anyone remember who that was?
  3. 65swb45

    FJ40 and FJ45 front shock tower extensions

    [I figured I would post this up in tech, since I believe the discussion is generic to different options for installing longer-travel shocks.] Credit for this idea goes 100% to @Downey. It has been a very long time now, but IIRC Jim originally designed this product in about 2001, concurrent...
  4. J

    Shackle Extensions

    Is there any issues that will arise from extending the shackles on my FJ60 by 2"? I am looking at extending the front 2" inches and adding a leaf in the rear springs because they are totally flat. Any thoughts from the experts?
  5. uscmas412

    For Sale  Used Charcoal Canister and intake extensions

    The charcoal canister was just removed with 164k on the clock. I assume the PO removed the intake pieces when he installed the snorkel. $20 each shipped.
  6. brian

    Wanted  frame extensions for front bumper mount

    yeap, that's what i need. shipping to 17046
  7. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Hoot Latches

    Two sets of OEM hood latches Both are in good shape. One set was spray painted black. $25 shipped for EACH set, or $40 shipped for both Thanks!
  8. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Rear View Mirror - OEM

    Great Condition FJ40 Rear View Mirror Painted black Includes mounting plate and hardware Sorry, glass is a bit dirty in the pic, but it is in perfect shape! I can't find the 'clamp' screw, so you'll have to either use yours, or get a new one $30 shipped or pick up in Las Vegas
  9. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Interior Window Felts - NEW OEM

    FJ40 OEM Window Felts (Interior) Never installed, ended up not needing them. Bought from Beno. $40 shipped for BOTH, or pick up in Las Vegas
  10. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Hood Latch (release)

    FJ40 OEM Hood Latch Great condition Taken apart, sand blasted, and powder coated semi gloss black. Hasn't been used since. $30 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  11. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Inspection Light

    FJ40 Inspection Light $20 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  12. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Cowl Vents

    FJ40 Cowl Vents One is aftermarket, thicker metal, powdercoated semi gloss black The other is OEM (no rust on it, just some tan spray paint over olive green paint) $25 shipped EACH, or pick up in Las Vegas
  13. UZJ40

    For Sale  MAF Bump Stop Extensions

    FJ40 rear bump stop extensions FS Bolted up but not needed for my setup. 0 miles. $40 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  14. F

    Wanted  Crappy front bumper extensions (94 FJ80)...

    Hey folks, coming to you from the middle of the Pacific here in Hawaii. I've got a 94 LC with 270,000 miles on it, and I'd like to keep it around for a bit longer. However, I don't have the front bumper extensions (plastic bits on either end) and they've beefed up the safety check regulations...
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