1. Just Diddly

    A/C refuses to turn off

    Hello everyone, first time poster here! About two weeks ago I finally managed to get a 1993 FZJ80 and join the LC club (lifelong Toyota owner though). The truck has some things that needed to be addressed and fixed that I was aware of and most of those fixes are coming along seamlessly. However...
  2. C

    Diesel crank but no start

    Hi all, I have a HDJ80 24 valve manual which cranks but won't start, I have been searching far and wide for an answer with no joy. Any ideas? The immobilizer has been removed, which strangely was wired to the starter, and the ignition fuse has no power, although it still won't start if I wire...
  3. H

    help: rain today, now parking lights and interior lights are whack

    We had a good bit of rain here in SoCal today. At about 5pm this evening, my wife and I noticed that the LC's parking lights were on. The lights weren't on at 4pm when I got home from work (rode my bike). They weren't on when I left for work this morning. Nobody has driven the truck this...
  4. R

    Spark, No Spark, Spark, No Spark - Ugh! HELP

    Recently, I purchased a 1973 Toyota FJ40 with the intent to rebuild it with my 14 old Son as a project car. We have a spark problem that has gotten both of us scratching our heads. I have replaced the starter solenoid, ballast resistor, rotor button, and rotor cap. Also, we replaced the coil...
  5. S

    Having issues with fuel system

    What's up guys, Just got my FJ60 as somewhat of an heirloom from my uncle since he passed. Im only 18, but I have a decent knowledge of how to work on cars, but this has me and my dad(a much better mechanic) stumped. When we first got it and put some new fuel in it, started and ran fine. My dad...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Wiring Looms for 1995 - 1997 Land Cruiser

    SoCal Engine Looms, Interior Looms, A loom, B loom, light looms, all of it or some of it. Prices range from $40 per section to $200, Let me know what you need. Send me a message doing your best to describe the section you need.
  7. C

    Center Diff Switch PIN Diagrams?

    Hey H8ters. I need the wiring diagram for the PINs on the Center Diff wiring connector. I bought an aftermarket switch that is not an original Toyota OEM. So I can't just plug it in. My new switch has 4 wires and I need to know what the wires/pins in the Center Diff connector/harness go to so I...
  8. X

    80 Series electrical wiring diagram

    I live in Australia and need to get my hands on a copy of the 1997 FZJ80R electrical wiring diagram but can only find the following USA printed 1997 FSM to purchase. Can I rely on the USA printed FSM electrical diagrams or does the wiring layout differ between the AUS and US vehicles?
  9. EscapeWagon62

    FJ62 Electrical Failure While Driving

    Im posting this in the hopes that it helps someone out someday. I was driving down the road and experienced a major electrical malfunction. Radio, headlights, turn signals, power windows, dash gauges all inoperative but the engine still ran fine. Got home and shut the vehicle off and happily...
  10. morganism

    New diagnostic question for starting probs on 62's

    These 62's with starting problems are popping up a lot, i wonder if we should ask a new diagnostic question. "Have you had water on the drivers floorboard ?" "Have you pushed the start in gear switch lately" What i am thinking is that if there was a leak from gutters down A pillar, or plugged...
  11. K

    Electrical issues!!

    Hey everyone I have run into something I can't solve. Here are the issues: 1st the dash lights do not work. 2nd the HVAC system does not work anymore. 3rd the tail lights do not work. 4th the doors unlock when I press the brake pedal. Checked all the fuses they are fine. And checked the brake...
  12. Classic85

    For Sale Fuse Block Bluesea

    Blue Sea 5032, new in box $40.00 Blue Sea 2128 BusBar new in box $18.00 Blue Sea 7721 Safety Fuse Block Max 300amp Used, not abused $18.00 Shipping on you
  13. SgtChase

    fj60 Temp gauge pegged on highe

    whenever i drive my 60 the temp gauge shoots straight past the red, it used to only do it when the car was warmed up but now all the time. ive read the other posts, ive cleaned the terminals, ive checked the thermostat sensor, checked for a bad ground and its none of those. i just replaced the...
  14. mrjordann

    I need help re-wiring.

    Hi, I am getting desperate for a wiring solution. My engine is getting machined at the moment and I will have it back in a few weeks. I want to have my FJ40 (1973 for context) re-wired by then. Right tow, everything is a mess. Previous owners screwed up all of the wiring under the hood, and on...
  15. M

    Diagnosing Cluster Issues

    Howdy all, first post here on the thread, I finally need help. I have a 1973 Fj40, was a frame off. So when it was rewired was rewired with a quick wire kit. My issue is my gauges are all wired, each gauge is getting power in, and each sending unit has power at the sending unit, however none of...
  16. A

    Heavy rain: Leaks, electrical gremlins, and limp mode.

    Hey everyone. I have had an interesting thing happen on my 01 LX470. A couple of weeks ago during a long road trip in heavy rain I noticed that my Tach was flopping all around. An hour or so later the dash lights go out on it. By this point the rain had stopped. I keep driving because i'm still...
  17. TravMan806

    '70 FJ40 Spectre Wire Harness issues / questions

    I am trying to resurrect a neglected FJ40. I have purchased a Spectre Offroad wire harness w/ fuse block... This wire harness came with an instruction booklet that details how to re-wire with Ford/ GM/ Mopar parts.. But, it does not detail how to re-wire with the original steering column...
  18. DanMedeiros

    Scan Gauge showed 20 volts!

    Good afternoon Mud' community, I had a very weird day with the cruiser. I was driving home and all of the sudden my voltage warning light came on and my scan gauge starting reading a charging voltage of 19.5 volts!:eek: I pulled off ASAP and turned the truck off. Truck would not restart. When I...
  19. C

    1991 PZJ77 EWD

    Howdy all - I bought a 1991 PZJ77 last summer up in Seattle, been lurking here awhile and finally posting. My phone died a while back, so my sweet pics of the 77 touring Saskatchewan are somewhere in the cloud. I'll either take new ones or figure out how to get em and post em shortly. Anyway -...
  20. BADM

    Searching short frying AM2 fusible link

    Here's my Sunday fun. 96 LX with 240k. It abruptly died while driving. AM2 fusible link is gone. I ordered 2 and replaced it after visual inspection of engine bay wiring. The new one went up in smoke as soon as I turned the key to ON. I have a temporary fuse for testing and one spare FL. I have...
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