1. BajaSupreme

    UZJ100 GCC specs with factory auxiliary tank, won’t start on main tank unless I give it enough power.

    So this issue popped up when water entered the driver side dash and caused loads of electrical issues, most of them have been solved but the thing that’s driving me nuts is the car won’t start on main tank “sometimes”. Meaning, if I crank the engine, it starts, and the tachometer goes above 1K...
  2. Joshman

    Calling all Sparkys -Help! After Key on to Start, lights cut out, No power, No Crank, No Start.

    This one is a bugger, new battery month ago, and seems a bit different than the EFI fuse/fusebox "crank/ no start" issue - old battery was about 3 when it died - Big Interstate Group 31 AGM (little odd so short lived, but I live in the tropics and do low miles). Hopefully this is all some kind...
  3. scratchhax

    Am I overthinking my electrical?

    I've been chugging along on my 1970 V8 build and it's time to do the electrics. None of the existing system is salvageable (I don't know what the PO did, but whatever it was didn't involve fuses) so it's a total rebuild. I have a strong background in low voltage electric and everything going...
  4. DirtyPepper

    1997 Fuse Question / Insight

    Last time I was at the shop, they pointed out the BIG fuse in the center of the pic and indicated, “Yeah, we don’t know what that is or why it’s there,” So…can someone tell me what this big (BUSS) fuse is? Or what it’s for? Also, does it matter if fuses are inserted upside down? Thanks in...
  5. et3surge

    HJ45 alternator concerns

    Hey team, I’m at the end of a complete clean up and replacement of wiring and connections for my basic electrical and starter system. Battery, starter, voltage regulator and almost all that wiring has been replaced. My problem: The battery isn’t getting fully recharged and on colder days...
  6. H

    Ghost in the rear fan, display, killing battery?

    My '04 LC100 is acting funny, again. This week, the rear fan had been coming on spontaneously, but I hadn't really been paying much attention to it. Yesterday, after driving the truck about 200 miles the day before, and after it starting fine in the morning, it wouldn't start after a couple...
  7. DirtyPepper

    1997 FzJ80 Battery Question 24F vs 27F - Is there a difference?

    I've read through a lot of posts about batteries...when I purchased my battery four years ago, Costco told me that I needed the "24F" battery (Interstate). I picked it up but it's never seemed to get the job done. There are no parasitic drains on the system but if left sitting for 3-5 days, the...
  8. DirtyPepper

    Light ring around key ignition - 1997 FzJ80

    Hey everyone! Can someone refresh my memory…? On a ‘97, does the green light up ring around the key ignition time out? After doing a bunch of work this weekend I’ve noticed mine stays on. Worried that it might cause a parasitic drain. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. DirtyPepper

    Stuck Sunroof - 1997 FzJ80 - Is there a manual bypass?

    Can anyone confirm if there is or is not a manual bypass for a sunroof that refuses to open on a 1997? I found THIS THREAD (post #3) mentioning a manual bypass under the sunroof switch and map light...I'm not home to verify with my own eyes so I thought I would ask. ISSUE: My sunroof is...
  10. 9

    Alternator issues (3fe)

    Hey everyone, So my alternator went boom in my 91 3fe, and accordingly i bought another alternator to replace it (denso 210-0177). After trying to install the new denso replacement (pictured right) I found out that the mounts are to small. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do? I can’t...
  11. KNOXroll

    (HELP) Dreaded Single Click, Again

    Hey everyone, year long lurker here and finally posting to see if I can get some help. I've got a '94 VX Limited that's been giving me this problem for the past 6 months or so. I've had the starter replaced 5 times (under warranty), recently got new wiring for the alternator (ProToy in...
  12. L

    2H alternator wiring questions

    Recently swapped a 2H into my fj73 and im just trying to figure out the alternator wiring. From what i understand there is a three wire plug (green,blue and black). One is the lamp one is the ign power and the other battery sense. Is this correct? Can anyone confirm which wire is which? And the...
  13. Nick Wilson

    Some FJ40 restoration work needed in Oregon

    Hi All, looking for some options for some quality body work, electrical, and engine work in the Portland, OR area. Might need an engine rebuild due to some heavy exhaust and smells (makes it hard to romance the wife smelling like exhaust!) Any lesser known, good shops hiding in the shadows?
  14. 4Roses

    200 Series 2nd Row SRS Plug

    Hello. I've been lurking around this forum for a few months, gaining knowledge/info & decided to join. I Just got my first TLC (2021 model) after replacing my '03 Chevy Tahoe after 275k miles (and still running). Anyway, I went on a ski trip with the family & dog and decided to remove the...
  15. E

    Electrical Sensor Terminal

    Even writing out the title of this is giving me ptsd. I bought a HJ60 about a month ago and ran into almost immediate issues. Anyways, Im in search for just the name of the terminal connector part that I need if anyone can help. It goes to the orange sensor that sits in the main loom just at...
  16. Chibu

    2004 Lexus LX470 Is Haunted... (also timing belt stuff)

    As per the usual arrangement, of course I can't have any peace during christmas. Coming back 2 nights ago from christmas shopping with the family, front A/C on, rear A/C on, high beams on, horn working, and then suddenly the car starts the dreaded "low voltage" beeping, center console TV starts...
  17. Mangothehuman

    Radio Fuse Keeps Blowing

    Custom Sounds is replacing my factory radio in a 1994 HZJ73 and the fuse keeps blowing. Has anyone else experienced this? Time to replace the wire from the fusebox?
  18. innockyewus

    2001 Lx470 Wierd no Crank/

    Ive got an odd one here. Ive seen the many efi relay/efi circuit issues. But mine is an Intermittent no crank. My condition sounds like a bad starter. I cycle the key over and over and eventually it will start. BUT If i pull the efi relay it will crank every time but (obviously) not stat. I've...
  19. G

    City Racer LED replacement for FJ40 Headlights and my Wiring issues

    I just installed the city racer LED "plus n play" headlights. My Halogens were dim and I want the better lighting for nights. But there's an issue with the lights. I only get a small LED on them and my first thought would be I don't have enough power going to them. Has anyone else had this...
  20. S

    OEM part numbers for female pins to use with a Toyota Junction connector (ie: J1...)

    Hi, I'm deep in the middle of a rewire of my 100 and need to replace several female contacts that are used in junctions. This is an example of one of the junctions: And this is the socket contact I'm after: I've checked a few Toyota manuals and can't seen to make any headway. I have...
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