1. Ebike toter

    URGENT.. Lj78 89661-60110/601111 ecu pinout

    Hi all.. as part of my upgrades project this day after tomorrow I am installing my new independent Zietronix ecm system.. in addition to the factory map / egt / o2 sensors the new ecm also has additional inputs for rpm, tps, air intake temp & coolant temp.. I need an ecu pinout diagram to...
  2. 4

    2005 LX470 VGRS ECU

    My LX470 has the VGRS, VSC OFF, and VSC TRAC lights on. They are steady and remain on all the time while driving. Took it to Toyota to get diagnosed and the codes pulled were ABS: C1289, C1291, C1340 VGRS: C1554, C1568 AHC: 1777. I was told these are all related to the VGRS going bad except for...
  3. T

    2006 LX470 Clear Master Keys?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, I think I'm supposed to get some kind of welcome:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2:? I just picked up an '06 LX470. It's not super clean but the price was right. It's quite the upgrade from my 07 Corolla! Of course, I only got one key from the stealer dealer, so I got...
  4. M80

    Electrical WOW!!!

    Hi Please help As I am sure most of you know when you turn the ignition on your 80 series to "ON" position the warning lights on the dash all come on usually and after a few seconds the glow plug light turns off. and then if you start the car they all go off. My question is what controls...
  5. Alaska ADV

    Wanted '94 1FZ-FE ECU #89661-60221

    Want to buy '94 1FZ-FE ECU #89661-60221 Looking to have it shipped to Redding, CA 96003. Let me know, thanks!
  6. S

    A one banana mechanic tackles the head gasket....couple questions

    Hello all, so for the second repair ever on my truck I am diving deep into the Head Gasket repair. I am actually looking forward to it as its a great way for me to learn about my engine, cooling system etc. One of the reasons I got and LC was to learn and be able to maintain it myself.:) I...
  7. CruiserWeight

    For Sale 1997 Chevy TBI + Howell Wiring Harness & ECU

  8. morganism

    2001 Corolla stalling, hesitation

    Just gonna post this up here, so maybe i can find it again later. This is a software problem, a firmware update could fix, but they will not roll it out. This throws O2 sensor codes, and then cyl codes as vehicle starts to misfire. Simple fix is to disconnect both O2 sensors in front of cat...
  9. Arabian Cruiser

    Relay Click & Engine Shudder

    A little background. I recently installed a Magnuson Supercharger, Haltech ECU on a 1996 Manual GCC spec fzj80. The only other mod is a Slee CDL switch to engage the CDL on H4. I'm chasing down a clicking noise on the driver side LHD footwell area that also makes the truck skip a...
  10. Arabian Cruiser

    Haltech Elite 2000 ECU install on a FZJ 80 SC

    Hi just installed the Haltech Elite 2000 on my 1996 fzj 80 Magnuson supercharged cruiser. So during the tune on the Dyno today was told the wasn’t enough fuel reaching. He showed me on the graph saying it could be one of two things. Either the fuel pump or regulator need replacing or the...
  11. krs2fur

    FJ80 3FE ECM question

    I recently had the 80 partially tore apart, running coax down the passenger side, for a CB install. As often happens when I undertake any project on the Cruiser, I end up following what I call rabbit trails; one project leads me to investigate something different, that may lead to something...
  12. K

    Anybody know where I can find a modified 2UZ-FE ECU?

    Hey guys, Anybody heard of a place that modifies ECU's for the 2UZ-FE engine that strips it down to the basic essential engine functions? I'm hoping for an ECU stripped of the immobilizer, emissions, and other uneccessary functions. Any leads? Thanks! -Kyle
  13. qaclange

    2005 100 series need help installing body ecu

    I was told by the dealership that the reason my key doesn't remote lock my doors, the reason everything starts fresh on the in dash computer, and certain lights don't function is because the ecu is bad. not sure if there is a ways to test it but I need to fix it so i can get a remote start...
  14. J

    Mysterious stalling, lack of fuel 2LT-E

    My mechanic thought we had fixed my sudden loss of fuel to the fuel pump problem. We replaced the ecu, checked the wiring, etc. but now it’s returned. My LJ78 runs great, a half tank of gas maybe, then randomly stalls. After it completely cools down, it will start up again and run fine till...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Distributor and ECU for 1FZE FJ80 1993-1997

    SoCal Please message me your Cruiser's year so I can provide the correct ECU and Distributor. $75 for Distributor $110 - $150 for ECU depending on the year. These are factory from USA cars with Automatic Transmissions. No ECU or Distributors for 3FE
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 1FZE Alternators, Starters, Distributors, ECU, EGR, etc.

    SoCal For 93-97 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80. TIME TO STOCK UP ON SPARES All from good running cars: Alternators $45 Starters $50 Distributors $75 ECU 93-94 ECU 95-97 EGR Early EGR 96-97 Smog parts Shipping at cost, using Priority Mail Flat Rate...
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Alternator, starter, distributor

    SoCaL STOCK UP ON SPARES NOW!! 1fze 93 to 97 Toyota Land Cruiser, Also have ECU 93 and 94 and have ECU for 95 to 97. Starter: $45 Alternator $45 Distributor $75 ECU $ message me. Shipping at cost.
  18. Alaska ADV

    Wanted '94 1FZ-FE ECU #89661-60221

    Want to buy '94 1FZ-FE ECU #89661-60221 Looking to have it shipped to Redding, CA 96003. Let me know, thanks!
  19. pandasfj

    For Sale 89' fj62 ecu module, sold

    ecu came out of my 89' fj62 after I did my conversion. $50 paypal friends n family plus shipping.
  20. dogfishlake

    Anyone have new opinions on brands for full ecu replacement?

    Just checking to see of anything new had happened for ecu's for the 80. Most were "wire on your own" as of a couple of years ago with the exception pf Wolf from AU. Not much feedback on that one though. Haltech has been highly regarded, but not sure if they are wire in or plug and play yet...
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