1. Denver87

    1999 LX - Did I pay too much?

    PURCHASE PRICE: 8000CDN\6350USD for a rusty (weirdly the body is worse than the undercarridge) 280KM\173k MILES local (Alberta, Canada) Hundy. Factory Electric Rear Locker. Near everything works, because the column and cruise are broken. Clean bill of health mechanically/all fluids...
  2. pawnthatdude

    SOLD  Boulder, CO: 5 Almost new BFG KO2s 31x10.5x15

    5 BFG All Terrain T/A KO2 31x10.5x15 $600 Mud Price ($850+tax retail) Only 4k miles, less than 1 year old Never off roaded No nicks, chunking or damage 13/32nds of tread left, evenly worn, 90% tread life remaining. Spare has never been used
  3. MattAussie

    275/70/18 DuraTrac on a stock 16 LC- rub or no rub?

    First time post here- long time creeper. You guys are a wealth of info- thanks a lot. I recently added a 2016 LC and want to get some new tires on it. I have an 03 LC with DuraTracs on it and really like the tires- they've performed great. Interested in getting some DuraTracs for the 2016- &...
  4. TheGrrrrr

    Builds  TheGrrrrr Build Thread - "Everlong" my 2013 LC

    Picked up the 2013 LC with 88k miles on Saturday. Its in pretty decent shape and should serve as a nice replacement for my 2006 Range Rover. The Rover affectionately named "Hank Tank" as I originally bought it to haul my dog around because he didn't fit in my M4. Wasn't going to give up the M...
  5. 4Beast

    For Sale  Brand New 275/70/18 GY Duratrac, MA

    I have one brand new, never used Duratrac. It was mounted as a spare on a Slee rack on a 100 series for a couple of years, but didn't see any time on the road. I have since switched to KO2s and don't need this one tire. Pics upon request, but again, except for a little dirt from the elements...
  6. 4Beast

    My(relatively brief) Duratrac experience

    There are seemingly endless discussions about what the "best" tires are, or which are better in any number of ways, so I figured why not muddy the water even further. I bought my '05 Cruiser last year from an old buddy of mine. It came with 275/70/18 GY Duratracs on it, which by his guess...
  7. jonheld

    For Sale  Four (4) 315/75R16 Goodyear Duratrac - New Jersey

    SOLD. These have been on my LX450 for the last 3 years or so and have been rotated frequently (swapping to Swampers at every event will do that) and have never been off road. They are worn remarkably evenly and have lots of tread life left. $500 for the set of 4. Local pick up please...
  8. B

    Advice: 16 or 18 wheels on a 2000 Lexus LX470 w/ Duratrac

    Looking for a bit of advice here. I recently bought a 2000 LX470 locally. Runs great, everything works (incl AHC), but it needs new tires. I have the stock 16" wheels that came with it but a buddy is also letting me try out a set of 18" wheels that came from a 200-series LC. Fit is great, no...
  9. SkyMall

    Builds  The Big Beast - My 1994 TLC Build Thread

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my story! I've been fascinated by the 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser since my neighbor got a shiny new one back in 1995. (It was a soccer mom grocery getter and I suspect it never saw a dirt road.. Haha!) Over the years I have occasionally looked for a nice used...
  10. DHwreckage

    For Sale  5 - LX 450 wheels 315 Duratracs

    Hey Guys, i have 5 LX 450 wheels on my cruiser right now wrapped in 315/75/16 Duratracs. all tires have good tread left with no patches and the wheels have no rock or curb rash and they include 4 wheel caps. These are located in Boulder, Co and I am looking to sell them as a whole set, Perfect...
  11. jet200

    How tall is this lift?

    I finally replaced the craptacular shocks the PO installed with some sweet Tokico's (thanks @beno). Not only is the truck riding better than ever, it seems taller. When we put on the new shocks we noticed that the springs were OME, but since applying winter weatherproofing, I can't tell if...
  12. D

    Speedo/ Odometer heal for larger tires

    Hey everybody. I'm sorry if this topic has been covered already, but I haven't been able to find a good answer yet... I just bought some Duratracs for my '06 LC and decided to upsize a bit (I went to a 275/70/18). I know this will throw my speedo off by 7% or so, which I'm not very concerned...
  13. dubitup

    DuraTracs....What have your experiences been with them. Mine...MEH

    Great in the snow, mud and such....but I'm not very happy with the softness of the sidewalls Over the last weekend at HIH5 I punctured a sidewall pretty easily. Some folks that attended mentioned that they have heard of this issue with this tire. I had read great reviews on them which is why...
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