1. NeverGiveUpYota

    Options for Calipers and Drums

    Brakes: My calipers are ugly. I’ve yet to pull them but do have a rebuild kit if the pistons don’t look to pitted. I already have autozone rotors I bought last year, so I’m hoping for the best from them. I have on hand the MAF stainless steel lines for all four. I’m not made of excess cash...
  2. F

    1983 Rear brake job questions.

    Well I just spent a LONG time doing my first front axle job on my 1983 FJ60. I want to do a rear brake job as well. Not only is it long overdue on this truck, but when I bled the brake system for the front axle job the passenger side rear would not rotate with the e-brake off/on (not matter...
  3. Ezra

    Adjusting wheel cylinders on the drum brakes - so difficult....

    Is this just tediously difficult or am I doing something wrong. PO installed all cylinders on the wrong side - to tighten the cylinders I would start with the screwdriver angled away from the center of the wheel. I always adjusted with a screwdriver. I blew a cylinder, and decided to replace...
  4. TLink FJ60

    Remove 3rd member with Drums still on?

    I acquired a set of FJ60 axles that have been sitting on the ground unused for a long time (years?). I want the 3rd members out of them for different gearing, but don't care about much else. The drums on the rear axle are super seized. The adjuster is seized. My question is, before going to...
  5. B

    Wanted  Fj40 Rear Full floater drums

    looking for drums for my rear fullfloater brakes
  6. 65swb45

    For Sale  NIB Aussie brake drums and shoes, CA

    Bought these when I owned my HJ, which has been gone for a while. $300 for 2 new drums and one full set of shoes. Shipping will probably be upwards of $75 because these suckers are heavy! @tlaporte has right of first refusal because I've worked on his rig...and because he's local.
  7. Omer59

    FJ40 Drum Brakes

    Hi, I own a 1980 European version FJ40 with front Drum brakes. I need to replace brake pads and drums. My pads are 3" wide (is this the standard) and drums have fins. I cant find these drums. Cant I just use whats available in stores on the web? Thank you for all your comments....
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