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  1. tlovvorn

    Wanted  Metal spring for FJ40 driver's seat

    Would love to replace all of the springs in my driver and passenger side seats, but would settle for replacing the one metal spring that has been broken as you can see in the photograph below. Does anyone know of a company that sells these springs new? Thanks in advance!
  2. O

    Parting Out  FREE Tan Leather Driver Seat 100 Series

    FREE tan leather driver seat from my 1999 Land Cruiser (100 Series). Leather condition is pretty good considering the age and other seats I've seen although there is some damage (see pics). Only one side of the seat moves forward/backward with the motor. The other side you can still move but...
  3. T

    Loose drivers seat back...

    The back of my seat is loose, bottom is nice an tight. Has anyone run across this? I took the seat out and removed the side covers and back but I dont see anything to tighten.
  4. FJ40_Nut

    Drivers seat cushion

    I've got a '95 pickup SR5 with bucket seats. The seats seam to be awfully close to FJ60 seats. Would anyone have experience using a seat cushion from a FJ60 to replace the OEM one in my pickup?
  5. thebigredrocker

    Can 1971 drivers seat tracks be diassembled

    I'm cleaning up all my FJ40 seat frames the slow way, by hand. Yes, I know, I shoulda had them sand blasted. I'm down to my last seat, the drivers. Looks to me like the sliding tracks aren't made to easily come apart. Has anyone's crossed this bridge? It appears to me I'd need to grind that...
  6. F

    Wanted  Drivers seat LHD FJ45

    looking for an original seat and bracket for my fj45. Please contact regardless of condition.
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