Parting Out FREE Tan Leather Driver Seat 100 Series

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Nov 23, 2014
Bay Area, California
FREE tan leather driver seat from my 1999 Land Cruiser (100 Series). Leather condition is pretty good considering the age and other seats I've seen although there is some damage (see pics).

Only one side of the seat moves forward/backward with the motor. The other side you can still move but you have to manually wrench it. Might not be a problem for someone who is the only driver of their LC. You can see where I tried a fix that didn't last very long. Probably an easy repair for somebody with some more technical acuity than me. It seems like there is a part available to replace this but I didn't realize that until after I obtained a new seat from a junk yard. Besides the forward/backward issue, everything else works fine including the seat heater.

I'm located in the SF Bay Area (northern Peninsula) so you just need to pick-up the seat. Sorry, I'm not able to ship it.





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