drawer system

  1. C

    Drawer design WITH third row seats?

    I am wondering if anyone has seen or could point me to a drawer design that allows for the 3rd row seats to remain installed but folded. I am wanting to make a modular design that can be removed in 20-30 minutes to allow the third row to be used when needed. Has anyone seen such a thing? 200...
  2. TrekboxX

    Trekboxx for FJ Cruiser

    Hey all! For those of you that haven't heard of Trekboxx, we are a huge company... Ok, I lied. It's actually just me. I make drawer systems for the LC, 4runner, and Jeep crowd and have had a lot of requests over the years for an FJ system. I wanted to start the conversation and get any...
  3. peggyfzj80

    80 Series Sleeping Platform/ Storage System

    Here is a sleeping platform/ storage system for the back of an 80 Series Land Cruiser. I had a basic design drawn up, which was inspired by previous MUD builds, and a local cabinet guy ("Thomas") brought it to life. Because I did not do the fabricating I do not have much detailed knowledge of...
  4. D

    For Sale Drawer System with ARB Fridge Mount, Pressurized Water Tank & Filtration for Sale

    Drawer System with ARB Fridge Mount, Built In Water Tank & Filtration for Sale Asking $675 Pick Up Only Location: McKinney, Texas Great system. Unfortunately, I need to gain more passenger room and this has to go. Hook up a hose, and you have pressurized water on demand. Filter tap...
  5. onsse

    For Sale KISS Drawers for sale

    Selling my KISS drawers. Located in the SF Bay Area. Completely assembled and painted. Installed but never really used. $550 or Best Offer. Will not ship. Only pick up. thanks
  6. C

    For Sale 100 series drawers

    I built these drawers, but since then my wife has needed the seats to haul around kids, so now they are just collecting dust in the garage. Made from 5/8 baltic birch plywood. The slides are rated to 500 lbs, and are lock in/out. I never put a finish on these, but was going to linex them. $1200
  7. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    For Sale Awesome FJ60/FJ62 drawer system with BED PLATFORM in CA

    Hey Guys, I'm reluctantly selling my rear drawer system from "Princess" the FJ62. The drawer system was built by member @slo60 some time ago. I just realized the pictures I have aren't great but I'll toss them up here anyway. If you message me, I'll give you my phone number and text you all the...
  8. Tareq

    LX470 drawers system / sleep platform

    . Hello all, I just uploaded a video on my YouTube channel showing me building the drawers system for my LX470. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you have any question :) .
  9. TacticalAnt

    How to: DIY Countersunk Washers and Mounts for Drawer System Install

    Thanks to some advice from 619TOY, I came up with this plan for fabricating mounts and countersunk washers for my drawer system install. The motivation for the mounts is that its next to impossible to find a flat head bolt with a M10-1.25 thread. Hex heads are no problem. For the mounts, I cut...
  10. Tareq

    New Overlanding LX470 owner!!

    Hello all, First, I would like thank this community for the wealth of info they share on this forum. I like sport cars, but always wanted to try offroading, overlanding to be specific. I used this forum extensively in the last 4 months of research. I have considered 3rd and 4th gen 4runners...
  11. Taco2Cruiser

    Distribution of weight

    Curious what you guy do with disputing weight when packing the 200? I've got a fridge that weights 100 lbs when full that goes on one side, and 3 duffle bags and 3 wolf packs and water heater that weight 160 when full on the other side. Which side would you put these items on? I'm also trying...
  12. ZeGerman

    Drawer System - Wingin it

    Started doing the drawer system today. I was going to do it later this year. Got tired of constantly shuffling stuff around so I started now. Basically using 3/4" plywood for the sides and 1/2" for the top and bottom. The reason why I am building instead of buying is because I can't quite find...
  13. TrekboxX

    TrekboxX drawer system for 80 series!

    Hi folks! After many requests, we're full speed ahead on the development of a system for the 80 (and simultaneously the 5th gen). The first system will be our flagship System Alpha, and there will be a single or double extra drawer module option, known as our Zulu drawers. The Bravo system will...
  14. cruzerDave

    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) For 100 Series

    Please check out my website for current information: Land Shark Outfitters, this thread is for 100-series owners to talk about their installs & mods. Current lead time ranges from "In Stock" to "3-4 weeks" depending on the product and how well I am succeeding that week at guessing sales...
  15. ENGINE er

    For Sale PRICE DROP 100 series drawers with built in 19gal water tank/hot showers/cooking with fridge slide

    First off, I love this set up. Only selling it because I'm replacing it with a custom @TrekboxX system. My wife and I live out of this truck for 1 month a year plus a handful of long weekends a year. The drawer system and shower has performed awesome for the last 3 years and has been featured...
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