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  1. A

    Front End - steering dampener snapped

    Hey! I just picked up about a week ago an 84 FJ60 from Los Angeles and drove it across country to Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s a beast. But has caused some problems as I’ve been repairing issues from the PO. I realized late that my whole front end really got worked by the PO on a trail...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Drag Link - Good condition

    SoCal $45 + shipping $27.23 2 available. Good to have one for a spare! It is the first thing on your chassis to hit rocks and bend!!
  3. jkl72-40

    Drag link repair kit? ????

    Does anyone know where or who has the best drag link repair kit? ?? Seen some for 75 bucks but is just normal stuff any heavier fixes??
  4. stock

    Steering dampner, drag link & tie rod upgrade

    I've been searching on here, I know this has to have been discussed, but I can't find it. I have a 1991 fj80. I just got it and am fixing her up, her history is unkown, it was gifted to me when a friend found it in an abandoned warehouse he just bought. The steering wheel is not lined up and...
  5. FJP971

    Wanted  FZJ80 Relay Rod/Drag Link

    Looking for a stock relay rod/drag link in the Portland OR area. I only need the rod, not the ends but if they're included that's fine. Thanks in advance. Jason
  6. DVracing

    For Sale  New Slee 80 series drag link and tie rod, new OME steer stabilizer

    i have a brand new Slee tie rod SOF1322 and new drag link SOF1321. Both are brand new, had to build custom drag link so made a custom tie rod while I was at it. $100 each shipped conus I also have a new uninstalled OMESD24 steering stabilizer for 91-97 80 series. It came with the kit I ordered...
  7. bryanb

    Broken Knuckle studs with >35s & How to prevent it

    On the way back from Coyote Lake last weekend, I broke the passenger knuckle studs, forcing the knuckle and wheel off the truck (destroying the knuckle bearings (SPC 3 degree bearings) and leaving me stranded. I ended up being able to load the truck onto a trailer and get it home. Now I am...
  8. bryanb

    Why not an extended tie rod end to elevate drag link???

    Hey Guys, I haven't been able to find any info on the topic for our 80 series rigs? I have bent my drag link running into rocks. I don't have the budget for high steer, so just wondering if anybody has ever produced or even considered an extended tie rod end for the drag link that would...
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