1. kpecks

    Replacing rectangle dash lights w LEDs

    Since I couldn't find a good thread on how to change the micro rectangle dash bulbs, I figured I would do a quick write up. Hopefully the pics will do most of the talking for me. Carefully pry the brown lights from the control panels. The tabs on the board are pretty strong but they will bend...
  2. Chocolate

    Tempered Glass Navigation/Audio Screen Protector

    The cost to replace the resistive touchscreen display is in the 3,000-4,000 dollar range, https://www.lexuspartsnow.com/parts-...tml?PNC=86804A (part 86110-60190) so I was looking for a tempered glass protector. These are great, they really work to protect screens from impact damage, and...
  3. W

    XM radio won't display ID number

    Just picked up an 06 LC. Trying to get the XM radio to work but I can't locate the XM ID (aka ESN or SID) to transfer service. The manual and XM instructions say to tune to channel 000 to see the alphanumeric code, but when I do so no code is shown. XM folks say they have no record of my...
  4. bludy1

    MFD NAV Screen is Black 2002 LX 470

    I started my vehicle yesterday, and the nav screen was black. If I pushed the Climate button, it would bring up the climate control screen and the climate control functions worked. The Audio button also worked and would bring up the audio controls. The Display button worked too and would bring...
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