diesel 1hz

  1. BiffS

    For Sale  1 HZ, 74,000 km strong runner Burnaby, BC, Canada

    Used 1HZ, from truck with 74,000 km on it. Was ex service vehicle. Engine runs strong and no smoke. We drove it around a bit before parting out vehicle. Fully drop in ready, Comes with: Complete long lock, intact, Injection pump, stock tune Cross over pipe (not depicted) Backing plate Vacuum...
  2. Akella

    For Sale  2x 2003+ 1HZ Core Engines out of 70 Series Combo deal

    Got two 1HZ engines for sale. Came out of 70 series mines trucks. Engines need to be rebuild and are missing some parts. One engine is parts engine.Condition is unknown. Bought them with intentions to rebuild, but have no time. Package deal $3000 USD for both engines. They can be picked up in...
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