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  1. okiecruiser21

    New Cruiser Owner - need tips and advices

    21 y/o m, bought my 97 cruiser back in May of this year. $6k, 255,000 miles, good condition (usual minor body flaws, interior wear, but no mechanical issues or rust), trustworthy seller who gives me tips when I text him, seller regularly comes into the coffee shop that I work at, came w custom...
  2. jjh123

    SOLD  1980 FJ43 OBO - 37,298 km

    1980 Toyota Land FJ43 - 2F - H55F 5 speed - 37,298 km This truck has been my daily driver in Austin, Texas for the past two years. I acquired it from Bogota, Colombia in 2018 a couple of years after it underwent a frame-off restoration. This was done by the 2nd, and 3rd owners sometime around...
  3. A

    IH  1968 Scout 800

    Hello All, Trying to get an idea of how much my Scout might be worth because I might want to sell if it is worth it. 1968 Scout 800 Registered in CA until Jan 2021 Runs and drives (daily driver) 26K original miles Original International V8 Electric cooling fans 4 spd transmission (not sure but...
  4. William839

    For Sale  NM- 1986 Land Cruiser FJ60

    1986 Toyota Land Cruiser fj60 with 269k on the odometer , engine rebuilt at 189k , receipts of all maintenance in the last 20 years Clean title, she needs some love to be road worthy and will be getting done by me in the meantime so price will go up as I fix things . Price is starting at 5k OBO...
  5. D

    Softer Ride FZJ80 Daily Driver

    Hey Guys,I need your advice. I have a bone stock FZJ80 1997 AWD GCC Spics , I use it 100% of the time on road as a daily driver. The Stock ride is very very harsh ,I changed the shocks with Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks and it made the ride much better. I can not lower the tires PSI...
  6. F

    Rust consult - Is this BJ42 too far gone?

    Hi all, I recently came across a 1980 BJ42 LX (factory ac, power steering, 3B engine) for sale semi-locally. The first set of photos I received was pretty promising. Owner assured me that the vehicle runs well, but the body will "need some work". My Dad and I are a fairly handy pair, so I...
  7. TheMischus

    First Time Owner - 2000 LC 359k Miles

    I've always loved Land Cruisers and had been set on getting a FJ60/62 sometime next year. I ran across a local 100 series listed for $3.9k and originally had plans to flip it. After driving it for a few days I decided to take a gamble and make a 2000 LC with 358k miles my daily. This may be one...
  8. T

    My new 1990 HDJ81

    I bought a 1969 FJ55 several years ago and have been sloooooooowly restoring it. In the meantime I had been using our family sequoia (much to my wife's chagrin) for off reading. We have 300 acres of rick, trees and mountain that I like to spend my weekends on and it till it's toll on the old...
  9. D

    Wanted  Daily Driver for ~7k?

    In the Akron area of ohio Looking for something that may need a little work but preferably as little rust as possible and under 180k My budget is around 7k Have a 1972 4 door nova with a 350 if anyone would want to trade, would throw cash in for the right truck
  10. SnowPlow75FJ40

    eBay  1975 FJ40 with Snow Plow - My FJ40 listing on ebay

    Loooooonnnng time lurker on ih8mud but new member. You all are a wealth of information. Electrical, Carburetor, Brakes, Front Hubs, Land Cruiser Body Styles, History, etc. THANK YOU all very much! You are greatly appreciated. Here is my ebay listing . . ...
  11. M

    For Sale  WI: '96 FZJ80 Stock DD with Lockers, 132K mi, $7500

    Selling my stock 1996 FZJ80 Land Cruiser, VIN # JT3HJ85J4T0115922. Asking $7500, which is probably a bit under-valued, but I’m looking for a quick, local sale since I bought a new vehicle. I’d love to keep it, but I have nowhere to store it. I bought it in 2005 with about 85K miles on it...
  12. D

    Considering FJ60/62 as Daily Driver in Austin

    Hello, I'm new to the group. I've been considering ditching my sedan for an FJ60 or FJ62 as my daily driver. I live in Central Austin, and my daily commute consists of about a 5 mile loop: up 35 about 2 miles to drop off kids at school, then back down Guadalupe to an office building downtown...
  13. etxfj62

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 2fe daily driver

    Needing to trade (may take offer) my dd 1988 2fe fj62 w/ 176k miles for 30-35 hp tractor with loader. Recently trying to make it homesteading so I need the tractor around here and doing small construction jobs. This fj62 is in great shape with a consistent 13-14mpg, drives straight and...
  14. etxfj62

    For Sale  1988 fj62 2fe h55auto dd trade for tractor

    Hey guys, a sad day making this choice but recent purchase of some land leaves me needing a tractor and less time to enjoy my cruiser. It is 1988 fj62 2fe (yes 2f block 3f head and injection) it is my dd runs 70mph straight as an arrow consistent 13mpg city/hwy avg has very noticable power...
  15. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. '84 FJ60 crawler

    *****SOLD***** putting my rig up for sale. 1984 FJ60 SOA 2.5" springs 37" MTR's maybe 20% left 15x10 street lock wheels TPI 383 Chevy. running rough. was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago. had been running perfect. likely needs a few new sensors. may be easier to remove the TPI and put on a...
  16. K

    For Sale  '79 FJ40 - daily driver ready with 2F, AC, PS, hardtop, ambulance doors

    I'm selling my 1979 FJ40. Condition: Car passes Texas inspection every year without issues Odometer reads 72k 2F motor runs well. Motor was replaced at 45k (per previous owner). I add a quart between oil changes. No fluid leaks. Factory power steering works great. Steers tight, no...
  17. C

    Wanted  FJ62 to be daily driver

    Looking for a 1989-90 Cruiser that's been well-maintained and with minimal or no rust and excellent condition. Closer to factory-original is preferred, but willing to consider typical mods. High-mileage is no problem with documented service history. Only other stipulation would be that it be...
  18. mickeyt

    Daily Driver 2000 4Runner from a 1997 LX450 Comfort?

    Has anyone gone from the beast to the mini beast and how is it for long trips?
  19. BanjoSC

    Daily Driver HJ75 imported vehicle

    Does anyone drive an HJ75 troopy or double cab truck on the daily? If so, what year and is this the only vehicle that you own? Any downsides to this being your sole vehicle?
  20. Mirraco2032

    Wanted  Looking for daily fj80

    interested in a daily driver thats under 150xxx miles. MUST HAVE FACTORY LOCKERS. The less rust the better please. Preferably be lifted, but mainly looking for it to be clean. Budget is 8k thanks guys
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