1. paulzak

    Fix 4 Exhaust Pipe Banging on Rear X-Member

    Forgive me if this is obvious or has been suggested before but I haven't run across it. For whatever reason, the spacing between the exhaust pipe and my '92 FJ80 rear cross member was tight enough to bang when driven on my 3/4 mi gravel driveway. After confirming that the mounting cushions...
  2. J

    Gas Tank Cushion

    I am working on a 5/1977 FJ40. Did the top of the gas tank or gas tank cover have any type of cushion? SOR is showing what appears to be some type of cushion between the top of the gas tank and the gas tank cover.
  3. M

    LX470 Drivers & Passenger bottom seat swap

    Like many driver's seats the bottom cushion and leather on door side are starting to look fairly worn. Instead of getting new leather I started thinking about whether it might be possible to swap the bottom of the seat from the driver's side to the front passenger side. This way i get more...
  4. Y

    For Sale  40 series window cushion gasket oem

    Sold Oem wind shield cushion gasket, pristine, no cracks, not brittle, supple rubber no micro cracks. Super freshy! $80 will ship in cont us for free
  5. 1

    Gas Tank Cushion

    Does anyone know of a supplier for the thick felt like strips that Toyota put on top of this 1979 FJ40 gas tank or an alternative product that preferably won’t wick or hold water? Thanks
  6. FJ40_Nut

    Drivers seat cushion

    I've got a '95 pickup SR5 with bucket seats. The seats seam to be awfully close to FJ60 seats. Would anyone have experience using a seat cushion from a FJ60 to replace the OEM one in my pickup?
  7. 1

    Need Photos of the Tail Pipe Bracket & Cushion

    I’m trying to restore a 79 FJ40 and could use some photos of a correct tail pipe bracket & cushion (right rear corner after the muffler) and what the assembly should look like when installed on a cruiser. If what I read on the internet is correct I believe the 79, 80, 81 and perhaps 82 & 83...
  8. Wes

    Rear Rain Gutter Cushions

    The EPC shows that there are two rain gutter cushions for the rear of the hardtop (part number 63118-90300). I am familiar with the one in the front to protect the hood when it is folded back, but what are the rear ones for? Was this for Cruisers with lift gates? It appears they were original to...
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