crank pulley

  1. ARFCOM15

    FZJ80 crank holding tool

    Anyone have one that I can borrow? HG and timing chain replacement in the next few weeks and I am trying to not shell out $80 for the OTRAMM one. I'll make it worth your while! Thank you!
  2. Tighe

    Crank pulley / harmonic balancer has a slight wobble and oil leak - 84 fj60

    Hi all, I recently noticed a pretty sizable oil leak coming from the front of the engine, at the harmonic balancer, which also seems to have a little wobble to it. No noise associated with it and the wobble is not bad, but I'd like to take care of it. From everything I've read there seems to be...
  3. Krondor

    Wanted  Early 1F Press on Crank Pulley Harmonic Balancer

    Hello, Being the Idiot that I am, I bent my crank pulley using the incorrect pulley puller. Looking for a press on Crank Pulley for a 1F engine that is a press on without a nut. From SC and willing to pay for shipping. Cheers.
  4. DoubleNickels

    1F Crank Pulley Nut. Recommend a socket?

    OK, so I know it's a 46mm nut (1-13/16") on the front of my 1F engine. The problem is that sucker's fully recessed inside the crank pulley, and there isn't much clearance. I just wasted $20 on a 46mm impact socket that won't fit into the recess because the socket's walls are too thick. Can...
  5. P

    Newbie with a Broken Crank pulley

    Hey, I just bought a 1984 Fj60 that seemed to be well taken care of. On the drive home from buying it the first two pulleys on the crank pulley fell off. By the looks of it I'm thinking that I can replace the whole crank pulley on my own. Before I start I wanted to get some advice. So if you...
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