1. G

    FREE DELETE- NLA 3FE bottom end with A440F

    Located in Redding, CA. If you want it shipped, you pay shipping. 3FE bottom end & A440F trans Bores look good with crosshatching. I don't know mileage, but it came out of @TRAIL TAILOR 's FJ62 donor rig. Probably should have done a compression or leak-down test before pulling it apart, but...
  2. Kris

    Fixing messed up heater core lines

    So about every vehicle I have ever worked on with a 22r/re/rte has had jacked up water lines behind the head - See the picture below of the brass lines - they always leak some and look like junk. Since I have the head off my 4runner, I would like to fix them. I had an idea about using something...
  3. promofzj80

    Heater core replacement

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to the site. I have a 95 fzj80 and am needing to put a new front heater core in it. It started out slow but now my floor board is soaked on passenger side. My question is can I get a factory Toyota core or is their a reliable after market?
  4. R

    '91 HDJ81 heater core

    Heater core TU (tango uniform) and having trouble finding the core. Will heater cores from non-japanese 80's work in HDJ81? Any help on finding a heater core or info on an alternative solution would be appreciated. Thanks, Rich Boyle
  5. D

    Flux core welding

    I'm new to welding and was about to buy a cheap $100 flux core welder on Amazon to weld areas on my fj40 that I cut out due to rust. After alittle research I found out that if painted over flux core the paint would bleed after a couple months. I told that to my friend that is going to teach me...
  6. yosshaa

    For Sale Steering box core no sector shaft

    Steering box out of my 1997 Landcruiser fj80 Rather deal local so I don't have to ship (phoenix area, arizona) Got power steering box all parts cleaned and ready to be painted and rebuilt, sector shaft is broken and shouldn't be used. Make me an offer I don't have any ambitious to rebuilt it...
  7. BEG

    Heater Core Breather Hose?

    I just watched this video showing a breather hose extension mod to a heater core breather tube in the firewall: Seems like an easy enough solution to a problem I didn't even know existed. I don't see any harm in adding it to the list of breather extensions that are typically done on the 100...
  8. Randy88FJ62

    No heat, core flushed. What is the thermostat o-ring P/N?

    I bought my 62 and the heater never worked. The previous owner had the water pump and thermostat done and I assume he did not put in the thermostat o-ring. What is the part number for the thermostat gasket and o-ring so I can let my local dealer know what they need to order me? Searches aren't...
  9. D

    How to bypass heater core?

    Hello All - I have a fully stock '84 FJ60 and I'm pretty sure my heater core is leaking badly as I have a pool of coolant on the passenger side floor. I've ordered a replacement core from rockauto (we shall see if it's the correct one or not...), but this is my daily driver and I'd like to...
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