1. offroadvegan

    1993 1FZ-Fe Will not Start or Crank when HOT

    I was taking the fam to the Alvord desert this weekend, and stopped to get gas a couple hours in. The rig felt hot inside, but with an RTT, camping gear and 2 adults/3 kiddos, I figured it was just working hard. We stopped in Madras for gas and I filled it. Went to turn the key and click...
  2. ColoradoCarlisle

    New to me 75 with some cool history

    I didn't need it as I have a mustard 77 in the garage getting an engine transplant but couldn't pass it up Its a 75 with 90k documented miles all original One neat part about it was this was John Denver's FJ40 She runs fantastic for about 100 ft then the fuel filter clogs up so I'm working on...
  3. HoneyBear

    Request: MS Coastal Camping and cool roads/places

    Alright, the time has come to go camping again. For reasons unknown to me, one of my friends really wants to go camping on the MS coast and I know nothing about that area. The only primitive camping spots I've come across is at Buccaneer state park. May not be that bad, the water park won't be...
  4. C

    Console cool box disassembly - Help !

    My cool box stopped working a few days ago, and It seems like the evaporator fan is stuck or broken. Already tried looking at the Service Manual for a disassembly/assembly procedure but unfortunately, the manual shows the procedure for regular console box, not cool box. They're quite...
  5. Rudster

    Pretty cool video

    Came across this pretty cool video of a tundra:
  6. maxamillion2345

    Free FJ80 trans tcase and other crap in Cool

    Saw on FB, just figured I'd share, hate to see good parts junked. Stoffregen Motorsports Spring Cleaning at Stoffregen Motorsports! Come and get it before it goes into the bin. I've got a couple things that I would hate to throw away, but if it's all still here by Wednesday, I'm calling the...
  7. mattressking

    YDJ Auctions - Rare and Cool 60 Parts

    So coming from JDM cars and constantly searching for rare bits in Japan, I decided to jump back onto Yahoo Auctions Japan to see if there was anything cool for 60's...My initial search was not totally fruitful, but when looking for wheels, I did find some sweet stuff. YAJ has Buyee so we can...
  8. E

    Cool parts available from Toyota?

    Has anyone tried to compile a list of some of the parts we can swap into our stateside 100s? Think of cell phone pocket- PN 58839-60040 Hand throttle parts- 78183D – Clamp, Accelerator Control, Cable p/n 78183-60150 78407 – Arm Sub Assy, Throttle Control p/n 78407-60020 78410 – Cable Assy...
  9. Foreigner

    Hey, look what I saw. . .

    I spotted this in the Bozone yesterday. Local plates. Somebody here? I woulda left a note, but didn't have any paper. What rigs have you seen around Montana?
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