1. Ambrew

    For Sale  Warn Winch controller with plug

    Works. was on an 8274. Always interested in trading for bj42 or fj45 parts. 60$ usd shipped to Canada/Usa
  2. DougAustinTx

    Repair of '79 - '80 carb cooler fan controller circuit board

    My '79 40 didn't have the blower for the carb when I got it about 6 years ago. Until recently I was ignoring my hard-starts after the engine was warm and then sat for a while. I started reading the LONG threads about guys on MUD getting their carb coolers working and having much success with...
  3. Dissent

    Solar Controller for 2 Isolated Battery Banks

    I'm running a Morningstar ProStar PS-30M solar charge controller with a Renogy 100w panel and am very happy with it. I only have one battery in the truck. I'm considering adding a 2nd battery in the rear of the truck for accessories only (full size deep cycle or motorcycle AGM). I CAN wire up...
  4. kenneth boggs

    4Bd1t trans 3spd auto trans controller help.

    I have a 1990 4bd1t that is going into a toyota t100 and i need to know whether. I need to use the whole dash harness that goes to the ignition and everything else inorder to use thr auto trans controller. Its an entirely mechanical engine with an electronic trans. As long as the trans is...
  5. JCruse

    Awesome new MPPT controller with bluetooth control for $99

    I've decided to step up to an MPPT charge controller. My old PWM one is only about a year or two old and is doing an excellent job AFAIK, but for the price, and the fact that it's designed in the Netherlands and built in India as opposed to being another rebranded Chinese unit, I went for it...
  6. T

    LX450 Window washer controller

    Looking for this part and wanting to know the official name of the part. Please advise...
  7. Tank5

    a750f Stand Alone Transmission Controller

    Anyone used this? Compushift Toyota A750 LandCruiser Gated Automatic Transmission Controller - Wholesale Automatic Transmissions I contacted them and they said they still make the unit and to ignore the out of stock status on the website. It is pretty spendy at just under $2,300.00 US and...
  8. Jonathan Case

    What brake controller cables for '98 LX470, no tow package?

    Hi guys- I have a 1998 Lexus LX470 (no tow package) and I'm trying to determine what parts I need to set up a brake controller. I gather from the forum that there might be a universal kit for this, but haven't found a part# or name. Right now everything's stock aside from an aftermarket Curt...
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