1. aviafx

    SOLD  Used 60 Center Console

    Not-so-great-but-not-terrible console from my 84, it’ll work with trucks with the heater underneath the passenger seat. Fading from age and blue overspray from a sloppy tech who fixed my floor. Cracks could be repaired and the whole console repainted, I’d rather this go to a member in need...
  2. kpecks

    Replacing rectangle dash lights w LEDs

    Since I couldn't find a good thread on how to change the micro rectangle dash bulbs, I figured I would do a quick write up. Hopefully the pics will do most of the talking for me. Carefully pry the brown lights from the control panels. The tabs on the board are pretty strong but they will bend...
  3. C

    Cab Overhead Console Design Search

    I have an '81 FJ43 with bench seats and would like to create storage in the cab for maps, flashlight, headlamp, pen and pencils, knife, coins, etc and would like to see if anyone has built an overhead console (there is plenty of head room). My thought was to fabricate a shallow (4 inch) shelf...
  4. fj62steve

    Wanted  Grey Center Console - FJ62

    Looking for a good condition Center Console for an Fj62.
  5. T

    For Sale  Black Tuffy Series II 6.5in Wide Security Console

    I am selling my Tuffy Series II 6.5" Wide Black Security Console that was installed in my 84 FJ60. Here are the specs: Exterior Dimensions: 24" L (includes cup holder) x 6 1/2" W (cup holder is 8" W) x 18 1/2" H (includes 4" mounting bracket), 3 1/2" Holes for drinks Interior Dimensions: (Length...
  6. mrjordann

    How do y'all fit your Tuffy consoles?

    I made a post a week or so ago, I asked which center console I should buy. I got a lot of responses recommending the Tuffy console. So I bought the 6" (smallest) Tuffy console for sale. Upon installation, I really had to smash it between the seats and it did not feel good. I attached a picture...
  7. mrjordann

    Best center console for FJ40 with bucket seats?

    I didn't use to like the idea of a center console. I thought they were ugly, bulky, and not period-correct. But daily driving my 73 fj40 got me thinking about some creature comforts. My doors don't lock, and neither does my glove box. I'd like somewhere that I can leave semi-valuable things...
  8. djzimms

    For Sale  Simple Mod I love & Stereo/Amp/Console/Console Speaker/Etc. for Sale

    So, today I did a downgrade to upgrade after upgrading my stereo and speakers. I put a 1992 center console into my 1997 LX450 which gives me more storage &!!! an extra cup holder or two (debating on adding the old console cup holder into a position for the passenger. With that, I'm selling my...
  9. Forest62

    For Sale  OEM Center console (grey)

    I just put in a Tuffy console so I have my factory console up for sale. Front two holes are cracked, I used washers and it was solid.
  10. M

    Seat help: (covered ad nauseam I know)

    Hello – new to FJs and the forums, but I've been lurking for a few months. Loving all the incredible info available here. TLDR: Will my seats/parts list work in my 78 Columbian FJ40? I've recently purchased a South American (Columbian) 1978 fj40 and I'm loving diving into it. As I expected...
  11. FJ40_Nut

    For Sale  Scout Lock Box for console of FJ80 & FZJ80

    Nice locking box from Wit's End. We're simply not using it and thought someone else could. This is the narrower one not the tall one. Pics below. $160 plus tax and shipping brand new but I'll let it go for $150 shipped. Payment via Paypal and drop me an PM. Thanks for the interest.
  12. IheartBJs

    For Sale  40 Security Console from Cruiser Crap

    I bought Cruiser Crap's security console a year ago, planning to install it, but then decided to swap the bucket seats for a bench. brand new Denver CO region in the US of A pickup or pay for shipping $200 Land Cruiser Security console, steel and lockable for your FJ40, FJ60 enjoy!
  13. RocketCityCrzrs

    SOLD  Fzj80 center console oak

    Looking for the center console for an fzj80. I want the oak color from a cruiser that doesn't have that crap sub in it. Thanks folks!
  14. RFB

    Aftermarket Console

    Im looking at A. Having a console made or B. finding a tuffy like box console that will work. Whats everyone using or wanting to use. I use my console but its plastic and thats not fantastic.
  15. FJ60Seth

    SOLD  Tuffy Console Drink Holder

    A little scratched and has some glue residue, but works fine. I loved having this thing, but I need the room for a crawl box shifter. $25 shipped to any USPS zip code.
  16. D

    Wanted  Gray center console

    looking for a center console 88' fj62.
  17. C

    Wanted  Center Console Lid

    Hi, I am looking for a tan or brown center console lid out of 95-97 cruiser and/or lx450s-97. PM me if one is available. Thanks -A
  18. jfrench

    Lockable center console mod

    I've pilfered and plundered many things from this community and finally have something that is somewhat original that I can offer up. I wanted a fancy CruiserCrap console but it's too wide for the 70 series: Security Console So instead I bought this: Series II Security Console And did this...
  19. overton

    Wanted  1979 / 1980 FJ40 Center Console

    Looking for a center console for my 1979 FJ40 - This is just the simple plastic unit held in by 4 screws. Please email with a pic. Thanks! Greg
  20. C

    Console cool box disassembly - Help !

    My cool box stopped working a few days ago, and It seems like the evaporator fan is stuck or broken. Already tried looking at the Service Manual for a disassembly/assembly procedure but unfortunately, the manual shows the procedure for regular console box, not cool box. They're quite...
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