1. morganism

    Will autonomous trucks mean the end of the road for truck drivers?

    UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education "Autonomous trucks could replace as many as 294,000 long-distance drivers, including some of the best jobs in the industry. Many other freight-moving jobs will be created in their place, perhaps even more than will be lost, but these new jobs...
  2. NeverGiveUpYota

    Reflowing Solder Points

    Carb cooling fan relay, emissions computer... I know there are folks who have done this. It would be cool to have a thread and eventual sticky for this tech option. @Cgbeachbum, didn't you do this? Anyone else? Granted I get it that this might simply be a diy from youtube, but to hear straight...
  3. M

    Power supply to fuel cutoff solenoid

    My 1975 FJ45 (early 2F engine) stopped idling recently. Eventually I discovered that if I hard-wired the fuel cutoff solenoid on the carburettor, the engine idled perfectly. The solenoid is OK, it seems. When I plug it in to its regular part of the wiring system, there's little or no power...
  4. Jay-

    Carb computer sensor?

    I found a smog tech who suggested after I rebuilt my carb and new cat that the computer is making the carb to rich that's they my hydrocarbon is off the charts. He is booked up so Is there some chip or sensor or bluetooth dongle I can get to figure this out? When starting up for the first time...
  5. C

    Computer shift read out conflict.

    Hi all I have a conundrum. I have a series 100 1999 V8 4.7L - (2UZ-FE) AUTOMATIC The computer diagnosis shows the shift position as in 2nd (when shift stick is in P - park position) as 4th (when shift stick is in R- Reverse position) 2nd (when shift stick is in N - Neutral position) and no...
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