1. Marbleless

    Wanted  FJ60 Rear Seat Set - Complete (any condition)

    I’ve got a project for which I need an FJ60 rear seat donor. Anyone got any?
  2. NLScooby

    Complete Transmission Flush DIY - VIDEO

    I finally pulled together the video I took while completing a complete transmission fluid flush. Most of you know the dealer's service typically consists of draining and refilling the pan only. This only introduces 3-4 clean quarts of fluid in the system. I went through 14 quarts of fluid...
  3. dbbowen

    For Sale  Complete Resto Mod 1987 4runner SAS Crawler. Nicest youll ever see

    OK so this is going to be a long one but bear with me. Im looking to start at $14,500. Will entertain reasonable offers. Im selling to buy an 80 series. I just built this truck using all Marlin/Allpro/toyota/yukon parts. All of the best parts brand new, no used junk yard parts. It is a perfectly...
  4. H

    For Sale  complete 12ht and h55f gearbox

    I am selling a complete 12ht engine including h55f gearbox. Engine is very clean and has no oil leakes. Engine is complete. (so it will come with alternator and starter, flywheel and clutch everthing you need to build it in your car) The engine is complete overhauled 75K km's ago, and runs like...
  5. Deep South Cruisers

    Wanted  WTB complete 3 speed FJ40 transfer case

    Looking for a complete FJ40 3 speed transfer case to finish a build. What you got???
  6. super40

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 seat complete (FL) $200

    this seat can be used as either drivers or passengers. the brackets currently attached and included in sale are for passengers side. seat is complete with head rest. stiching on fabric is coming apart, i suggest recovering. no rot.send me your e-mail for pics
  7. shmukster

    For Sale  FJ60 complete lock set in PA SOLD

    Selling this lock set removed from a running inspected FJ60. Included is the ignition tumbler, both door locks, fuel filler door lock, and the tailgate lock assembly. Also included is the rubber escutcheon for the tailgate lock assembly. One key, included of course, fits all locks. price $65...
  8. BiffS

    Parting Out  Complete HZ 73 in Burnaby BC.

    Parting out complete HZ 73 with automatic transmission. Was parked for a while, but was started regularly. Rear axle spoken for, but the rest up for grabs. - Shocks no good. - body tub not good - front seats 3/10 - frame 9/10 - rims and tires 6/10 - springs are unknown Japanese lift...
  9. mongoose2231

    For Sale  HJ60 rear axle complete

    I have a complete HJ60 rear axle with the sway bar attached. Will include a picture. Axle is complete, with third and drums still on. Never opened it and I have no use for it. I was going to keep the third as spare but I never wheel hard and I will probably never need it. Gearing may be 3.73:1 I...
  10. H

    For Sale  1hdft 24v complete engine

    I am selling a complete hdj80 engine. It is a 1hdft 24v version The engine has done 200K miles. Engine is very clean and has no oil leakes. Engine come with alternator and starter, flywheel and clutch. (and propeller, not on photo) If anyone is interested I can startup the engine and makes...
  11. YSG2017

    Wanted  Dash Parking Brake Lever - Complete Assembly - Late 70s FJ/BJ

    Anybody have the under dash mounted parking brake (not floor mounted) assembly (complete) with lever for a late 70s FJ or BJ in good original condition and working order, that they would sell? Thank-you kindly.
  12. kevos37

    For Sale  FJ40 Top (complete) Norcal SOLD

    I have a complete top from a late 60's FJ40. Sides are rust free. Rear hatch and struts are in great shape. Top is in average condition with a skylight, comes with windshield metal trim. All glass is intact . I am not looking to part it out at this time. I'm asking $750.00 OBO Thanks Kevin
  13. operatorTRP

    moderate high temps, complete loss of power/missing

    Background: 1997 LX450 triple locked SC'd 35" tires 4:88 gearing hood vents disabled aux fan factory sub tank 91 octane 3/4? full main tank, full sub SO I went wheeling last weekend, Texas desert, ambient temps were in the mid 90's F. out for about 30 min on some ranch roads 5-10 mph max...
  14. Tank5

    For Sale  1964 FJ40 Complete front axle

    I have a complete front Axle that came off a 64 fj40. I am asking 200.00 for the whole thing. I am also willing to part it out if anyone is interested in parts. Buyer pays shipping. Located near Los Alamos, NM.
  15. J

    For Sale  complete '82 fj40 wire harness

    I have a complete '82 40 wiring harness in good shape. $200
  16. TexAZ

    For Sale  2008 200 series CV axles, complete $90 each

    Upsized the front end of my 2008 landcruiser with Tundra components, so now I have left over stock cv axles with approx 140K. Boots are good, no cracks, tears or leaks. would be good for a spare, or if you don't want to mess with replacing a torn boot. located just south of Phoenix, Az...
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Complete Antenna Assembly FJ80 for 1991-1997

    SoCal The whole thing: Motor, cable holder, mast and antenna cable. Just plug in and plug the antenna cable into your radio. Included also is the rubber fender gasket, the gasket where it passes through body and chrome thingie that holds it in place on fender top. All you have to do is...
  18. guzzi

    Wanted  3FE Intake Complete FJ62

    I have a carbureted fj62 and I want to pass it to injection, I look for the complete efi system to do the conversion
  19. sr5man

    Wanted  Complete mint box

    I know I's worth a try...looking for a mint box for my 1977 45. I'm in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Hoping for something that is less than the cost of a new one. A couple months ago a fellow cruiser head contacted me with one and I passed it on to a friend....what a fool I was...thanks...
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